Papal title " His Holiness"

Hi there don’t know where to pit this thread so I better start here anyway sonic I just wantto question someone
Why do we call a Pope ( Pope Francis in our present time) " His Holiness
can my answer be like this:
Ans: His Holiness being a title given to a pope because of the Anointing he received during his inaugural mass of his tenure being the Shepherd of the Catholic faith is this true or His Holliness is just a pure non spiritual title given to him like what I hd researched tha itrs like a judge which we call him “your honor”?
Which is which is correct? I need answers thanks Im making an article about this

Hhmmm - I wonder if philosophy is the right forum for this question???

I wish I had a really knowledgeable answer for you but I’m afraid I don’t.
My guess is that it is possibly a combination of the two things.
I hope someone who is more knowledgeable on these things pops in with an answer.
In the mean time I’ve bumped it up a bit…


It’s an honorific which refers to the Pope’s Office, not to him personally.

The title is also used by the Orthodox and by some non-Christian faiths.

Yes, in fact the Dalai Lama is referred to as “His Holiness,” both by his supporters and as an honorific in articles about him.

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