Papal vists...and Peter


I was just thinking about the Pope’s visit to Africa, and I suddenly remembered that Peter visited different churches in his time. I think Peter, who is the first Pope, was the first to make papal visits.


Well, yeah…it sort of comes with the job. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never knew that! I thought the Pope spends his time playing hide and seek with the Secretary of State. Could you imagine?

Pope: Count to ten and I’ll hide.

Secretary: Okay! 1…2…3…

Pope hides in the catacombs

Secretary: 8…9…10! Ready or not, here I cooome!

two hours later

Secetary: Where ARE you, Your Holiness??


But what I mean was, the Catholic identity of the Pope. I know he goes to visits churches, but what I meant was the Catholic identity of Peter. :slight_smile:


Sounds about right to me. :smiley:


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