Papal "we"

Has anyone noticed that Pope Benedict XVI has re-instituted the papal “we” in his recent documents?

He seems to be writing in the plural in his major documents, and reserving the singular for letters and lesser documents.

I posted this on my Blog the other day: (From Archbishop Fulton Sheen)

…Another instance of how our Lord Associated peter with himself was in the payment of the temple tax. It is the only time in scripture where God ever associates a human being with himself under the personal pronoun “We” just think how proud you were when, as a child perhaps, your father put his arms around you and said, “We will do this…” Now at the time of the payment of the temple tax our Blessed Lord told Peter to pay it, and he said to pay it “for me and for thee” then he adds, “That we may not scandalize” Here he makes himself one with Peter. Peter is associated with the Master in a way that no one else can ever be associated. We- Christ and Peter. That is why papal encyclicals begin with the word “We”

I was not aware that it had stopped

That is rather interesting…
Where does Archbishop Fulton Sheen say this?
I perhaps shall check your blog…

Thank goodness he has! The “We” refers to the totality of the Popes back to Peter: “We define and declare…” – it’s one of those small details that reminds us that the Church is not only bigger than any one person, but bigger than all of us combined, owing to the Divine Nature of its founder and mystical spouse.

I’m glad the “Papal We” is back.

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