Papaya Receives Sex Change Operation

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Papaya Receives Sex Change Operation

The complicated sex life of the papaya is about to get even more interesting, thanks to a $3.1 million grant from the NSF. The grant will fund basic research on the papaya sex chromosomes and will lead to the development of a papaya that produces only hermaphrodite offspring, an advance that will enhance papaya health while radically cutting papaya growers’ production costs and their use of fertilizers and water.

"We’re going to change the sex of the papaya to help the farmers," says Univ. of Illinois plant biology professor Ray Ming, who will lead the effort with researchers from the Hawaii Agriculture Research Center, Texas A&M Univ. and Miami Univ. A USDA scientist also will collaborate on the initiative.

Your tax dollars at work.
I suppose it’s better than cash for clunker or congressman’s salaries :smiley:

It is fun to imagine the kind of person who breaks out the champagne and runs home tell his wife, “Hey, Honey, we perfected the hermaphrodite papaya today!”

I learned last night on GOOD EATS that there are male and female eggplants.

The males have a round button at the bottom of the pod. The females an oval shape.

And supposedly the males taste better.

Better than what? :wink: Eggplant…blech! It has no flavor and no nutrients…what’s the point?

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