Paperback missalettes or hardcover?

Which does your parish use? Why do you prefer one style over another? How long do hardcovers last? Thank you in advance.

My Parish uses paperbacks that are in plastic coverings. That way it’s cheaper on the parish finances and is much harder for kids to tear the covers on the books. I have yet to find any of them that are torn.

As to which I prefer:
I personally don’t mind either or. My inner business student appreciates the pragmatism of using paperbacks with plastic coverings.


We get the monthly Magnificat paperback

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Paperbacks that are changed out 3 or 4 times per year.

This makes the most sense for our larger, bilingual parish.


We don’t use them. Parish brings in an order of these annual Sunday Missals each year to sell to the parishioners but we don’t provide them in the pews.

Most parishes I’ve been to in recent years have these or these in a weekly format, sometimes for free, sometimes for sale.

We used the paperback for many years and switched to the hardback the beginning of this liturgical year because, in the long run, they will save the parish money. One of the drawbacks we have found is the lack of seasonal music that we would get in the paperback.

We use hardcover. I think they are cost effective. Paperback wears quickly.

Edit: This one from CC watershed looks great. We use a pervious version from them that works quite well for our purposes.


The parish uses paperbacks, but I have my own personal hardcover Missal.


Some parishes here when the updates came in 2011 did a “sponsorship” option for the hardcover books. For the unit cost of one, you had a nice printed label inside the front cover with a message to the effect “This book purchased in memory of ___.” Nearly our entire parish set was covered this way.


Our Parish currently has paperback Breaking Bread which is good for a year and has to be replaced every year. Our new pastor does not like that so we are changing as of Advent to the St Augustine hard cover 3 year missal/hymnal. According to Fr O, these books last 10-15 years or more. My wife did the cost analysis on this and they will pay for themselves within 2-3 years. We are also planning a campaign to put "In Remembrance of: " labels in the books to off set the price.


Does the Saint Augustine have all of the Daily Mass readings, responses, Entrance Antiphons & Communion Antiphons, the Collect as they do for the weekend? We went with the Magnificat (monthly replaced) because the one we used didn’t have all of the weekday Mass “parts”.

As I have not actually seen it, I do not know.As soon as I find out, hopefully within the next couple weeks, I will update you.


Thanks I’d appreciate it. Do you know he exact name of the new ones?

I would be interested in a missal book with antiphons, etc. (similar to what missalettes offer, that would be used long-term and not thrown away, but one that is easy to use/user-friendly. Any suggestions?

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May I’m just too simple minded but if a company is going to go through all of the necessary work to get all of the proper weekly readings why not just do so as well for the weekdays and put all the responses and antiphons for every day in one yearly book and sell it that way. So much less waste.

If it’s for personal use (not buying in bulk for the parish), I recommend the Daily Roman Missal from Midwest Theological Forum. That’s what I own and use. It’s very complete and easy to use once you get acquainted with their layout, and the order of Mass is in both English and Latin.

Does it have the 3 year rotation and every thing for every day including antiphons& collects? I see a couple at Mass using a Daily Roman Missal.

Yes - those antiphons and collects tend to repeat anyway, but it’s actually about as close as you can get to the altar Missal + lectionary the priest is using without going so far as to purchase those (hence the price of about $60-70, iirc). I think I’ve even heard of priests using this in a pinch when they were traveling, etc.

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now I’m in the USA ----still good for the Missal?

Same here. It is, after all, the Midwest Theological Forum (which is my general area), but I don’t think Cajun Country is that different! :grin:

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