Papers and Blogs In Need Of Correction On Catholic Doctrine


I shall post a number of Blogs and Newspaper columns on the net that have apparent misunderstandings of Catholic Belief. The blogs and Columns I will post all have comment sections. Most if not all of the links I will provide will be dealing with the issue of Limbo/lUnbaptized Babies/Original Sin that was prompted by The International Theological Commission’s Report dealing with UnBaptized Chrildren. If you feel you need to get up to speed please go here to read the Catholic News Release oon this topic

As one Blogger that follows these events states

We cannot expect intelligent reporting of this in the secular press. Expect headlines to speak of the ‘Pope’ or ‘the Vatican’ ‘abolishing Limbo’.
What we actually seem to have is a rather measured document which does not declare the automatic salvation of the unbaptized and does not totally dismiss limbo as being an unsupportable theological position. The report suggests that it does not obscure the genuine difficulty of the question and insists on the necessity and obligation of baptism.

I have done this in the past as to other subjects and it has yielded proper result. As I go through the blogs and Columns that have comment areas I shall post them as I comment on them. I ask others that find such blogs or columns where people can leave comments to do so.


HEre are two for instance

We can no longer sit in limbo

**Catholicism: Now with added salvation **


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