Papparazzi International Media Glut and Global Idolization of Micheal Jackson Resemblance of Honoring A False God

Personally; I am (“not”) making prejudgments against the person Micheal Jackson.
People in this world are awfully strange to put their faith in paying homage to a iconic human being in the personification of a man named Micheal Jackson. This is much much more than just paying one’s respect to a deceased human being who has passed on from this world.
People in this world are paying homage to God in the personification of a human being named Micheal Jackson. Look at the global media the Great Whore and it’s glorification of one lone human figure the King of Pop music. Look how the people in this world eats up this glorification honoring this one lone human being as an idol in their heart.
Like the time of Moses and the Jewish people who were brought out of Egypt; they put their heart in the idolization of a Golden Calf. We too today have our molten Golden Calves (“False Gods”).Look how the Great Whore the Media mongrels make a grand spectacle for all to see. Let this man named Micheal Jackson rest in Gods peace.

You are absolutely right.This sickening spectacle that won’t end is nothing short of idolatary.The media and empty-headed hysterical and superficial people have indeed created a Golden Calf.This is nothing less than the Deification of Jackson specifically and celebrity in general.
Pathetic and embarrassing.You’d almost think that he died for our sins.I’ll bet some people start praying to him.

I bet that some idiot will think that the Leonine prayers are after him! :frowning:

I have to disagree here. I don’t see people worshiping the guy. He had to many strange things, for people to really worship him. I think people are respecting him though because the guy was a musical icon…

I think I have to agree. I admit to watching some of the memorial service today. They had a gospel group start singing “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King.” People started cheering. ( I immediately knew who they were thinking was “the King”. )

Then they rolled Michael Jackson’s casket up to the stage. I literally gasped.

When Rev. Al Sharpton spoke, at one point he kept saying, “Thank you, Michael.” Very much like someone would say, “Thank you, Jesus.”

People literally don’t know the difference anymore.

:rotfl: don’tcha just love the 21’st century?

But seriously comparing Jesus to Jackson is just wrong, there is no comparison.

Then some Baptist preacher said that “We will always have you there to comfort us, Michael.” I nearly gagged.

Oh, gosh! I missed that one. Wow…I’m speechless at this.

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