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Has anyone heard of this group? It’s an online group from a “Bible church” in California. I made the mistake of asking them a couple religious questions. I think they are anti Catholic, though I didn’t tell them I’m Catholic.

Anyway, they started out real nice but then this guy’s tone changed and I definitely got the impression that they’re an end times fundamental group.

I actually know someone who goes to that church, a really nice guy. He’s not particularly anti-catholic, but some of them may be. It seems to me a pretty typical evangelical “non-denominational” group. If I remember correctly, they came from a Baptist background.

You can read a statement of their beliefs on

Are they obsessed about the end times?

My friend isn’t, but it’s possible he’s an exception. I can ask him next time we talk.

I dont know about your friend but the two people i emailed with seem a little off.

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