Paradise and the Thief on the Cross?


Is this statement correct, does Paradise mean sheol ? Is this correct in that the translation of Paradise is really meaning sheol? thanks.

Luke 23:43 - the good thief, although not baptized, shows that there is also a baptism by desire, as Jesus says to him that he will be in paradise. It should also be noted that when Jesus uses** the word “paradise,” He did not mean heaven. **Paradise, from the Hebrew “sheol” meant the realm of the righteous dead. This was the place of the dead who were destined for heaven, but who were captive until the Lord’s resurrection. Hence, the good thief was destined for heaven because of his desire to be with Jesus.


The Good Thief went to “Abraham’s Bosom” (Lk 16:22) where the OT saints went and after Jesus died He went to take these saints to Heaven.


“Paradise” is from a Persian word, meaning a hunting preserve – a place of natural beauty.



So is my quote from scriptural Catholic correct or false?


I would consider it correct, when Jesus died His soul went to the place of the dead (Acts 2:27 says His soul entered Hades), He did not go to Heaven until after the Resurrection.


So the thief on the cross was under the old covenant, and would go to sheol where the fathers/saints of the old testement were being held (spiritual Prison as refered in Peter) who would enter heaven after the resurection?




Before Christ was born, i think the Jews believed in sheol - or Abraham’s bosom because Heaven was still closed. This is the reason why Jesus said when Lazarus (in the story of the rich man who went straight to Hell after dying), died he went to Abraham’s Bosom.
When Jesus died on the cross, He opened up Heaven for us. That means, Abraham and the Prophets and the Holy people of the Old Testament, including the Thief beside Jesus, all went up to Heaven with him. So, don’t mix up sheol (Abraham’s Bosom) and Heaven.


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