Why does catholicism dress babies in a dress for baptism, when they will later condemn him to hell for wearing the same thing?

How to win friends and influence people :shrug:

From the earliest days of the Church, those who had just been baptized were subsequently dressed in white robes symbolizing their rebirth in Christ and purity.

Well, for one thing, the Catholic Church doesn’t condemn anyone to Hell. It does teach that some people risk ending up there, but it does its best to explain to everyone it can how to avoid that fate.

Second, cross-dressing isn’t sinful; it’s homosexual acts that the Church teaches are against God’s design.

Third, it’s not a dress at baptism; it’s a gown. That’s like claiming that judges wear “dresses” instead of robes.

Not all Catholics do that, and it’s nothing required (or even encouraged) by the Church.

Try again…what’s your real question?

Heh? Have you never seen photos of babies in the early 20th century and before? ALL babies wore dresses whether they were male or female. Back then pants on baby boys would have been terribly impractical, given the bulkiness of cloth diapers in those days. They were BABIES and treated as babies.

As for wearing a dress at baptism, none of my boys did. They had white outfits with pants.

The Catholic church does not dress babies for baptism, their parents do, and they wear whatever parents want–including sometimes, nothing at all, which is fine for babies at such a juncture, but not fine for adults outside the privacy of their own rooms. They are given a ceremonial white garment for its scriptural symbolism but not expected that will be their normal daily wear throughout life.

I am playing along here I realize you have an agenda and are not sincere.

I wear dresses every day to work, can you provide a source that shows God condemns me to hellfire for so doing? Can you provide a source that shows God condemns anyone to hellfire for so doing? If so all those apostles and bishops running around in long robes are in deep trouble.

The Catholic Church condemns no one to hell, nor does God, people condemn themselves by a free will choice and full knowledge of the consquences at the moment of death and judgement to reject God and his love, mercy and eternal life with him. Yes their actions during life very often mirror that rejection and make it habitual but never close them off from the grace necessary to choose God at the moment of death. Where they end up for all eternity is their choice, not that of the Church.

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