Paraklesis in a Greek Orthodox church

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry if this has been asked and answered before.

I’m hoping to attend the paraklesis service tonight at my local Greek Orthodox church. However, I’ve never attended a paraklesis before.

My question: is there any part of the service that a non-Orthodox should refrain from doing/receiving? I always thought that a non-Orthodox should refrain from the holy mysteries, but after searching online, there seems to be some disagreement about whether a non-Orthodox should refrain from other things, like venerating the blessing cross.

Any answers would be much appreciated!


You can ask the priest himself what is allowed or not. The OCA parish I visit sometimes allows me to partake in everything except Communion. So I’ve received blessed bread and wine from Litya including the anointing of blessed oil, I’ve also reverenced the Book of Gospels during Matins.

The Paraklesis is a prayer service. There really is nothing done in its context that would be inclusive of Orthodox Christians alone.

If you do talk to the priest, you are certain to be most welcome.

FYI - if you have a local Eastern Catholic church nearby, they may also be offering this prayer service in their schedule of worship sometime from August 1 - 14, the traditional Dormition Fast.

Here’s a link to the Paraklesis service book used in the Byzantine-Ruthenian Catholic Church.

ConstantineTG, ByzCathCantor,

Thank you both for your replies!

ByzCathCantor: unfortunately, there isn’t an Eastern Catholic church close enough to me to make a trip for a paraklesis feasible. But, now, thanks to you, I can pray the service on the days that the Greek Orthodox church nearby doesn’t offer it :).


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