Parallelism between O.T. and N.T

Does anyone know of a book, paper, document, etc. that describes the parallelism between Old Testament and New Testament events or people?

An example is: The Arc of the Covenant characteristics in the O. T. parallels the characteristics of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Arc of the Covenant in the N. T.

Another example is: The Garden of Eden in the O. T. can be compared and contrasted to the Garden of Gesemini (spelling?) in N.T.

There must be a book or paper relating O.*T. and N.T. events and people. Anyone know about it?

The New Testament is a fulfillment of the Old Testament. :confused:

Hi OP,

YoungTradCath makes a good point that the NT is the fulfillment of the OT, a great point actually. Always keep that in mind.

Although, it seems like you want something more concrete for possible study or something of the sort.

The parallels of which you speak, I have mostly found them through reading Catholic theologians, Church Fathers, encyclicals, or prayers. That is the best way. Sometimes St. Paul the Apostle makes those parallels in his Epistles.

Pray and read :slight_smile:


Until someone points out a book to you, here’s a video showing the parallels between Old and New regarding Mary:

A good starting place is Jeff Cavins’ “The Great Adventure - Bible Timeline” series which explores all of salvation history. It was especially interesting to learn of the parallels between the Passover lamb in Exodus and Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem and His subsequent Passion and death.

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