Parallels Between the Offices of O.T. Joseph and St. Peter


While studying the Scripture readings for this Sunday’s liturgy, I came across a fascinating gem in Steve Ray’s book about the biblical and historical basis of the papacy, “Upon This Rock”. In brief, it points out the many parallels between the honors and responsibilities conferred upon the Old Testament patriarch, Joseph, when he was appointed vizier to the Pharaoh of Egypt (in Genesis 41, primarily verse 37-45) and the office of Pope. Below is a link to an excerpt from Steve’s book:

Upon This Rock, page 283, "VII. Pharaoh, Joseph, and the Office of Vizier in Egyptian Dynasties

This means that, not only is today’s first Reading (from Isaiah 22) a foreshadowing of the office of Pope, Genesis 41 is a foreshadowing of both the office of chief steward of the household of the kingdom of David and of the office of Pope established by Jesus upon the first Pope, St. Peter.


I like today’s readings in regards to the papacy and especially the Church. Scripture tells us about the importance of the steward as in Isaiah and in the Gospel of Matthew,


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