Paralympics start August 29

So, if you enjoyed the Olympics and haven’t have your fill of world class athletes …

Get ready for the Paralympics, which is like the Olympics for the physically disabled, starting in less than 2 weeks, on August 29.
Like the regular Olympics, they will be held in London, and they will use many of the same venues.

For you folks in the host nation, you can watch coverage on the UK’s Channel 4.

Not as much TV coverage here in the United States. The NBC Sports Network will have one hour highlight shows on Sept. 4, 5, 6 and 11, and a 90 minute special on Saturday, Sept. 16.

The official Paralympic website,, will have hundreds of hours of live streaming as well.

This public service announcement brought to you by a wheelchair user and former competitor in the Michigan Wheelchair Games. So yes, I’m biased. :smiley:

Still, check it out. You just might like it. And, let’s go USA!!!

My daughter’s friend Jamie will represent Australia in cycling. I hope that she does well. It means a lot to her.

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I’m in London and had the good fortune to visit the Olympic park and watch some games. The atmosphere was amazing! The 70,000 volunteers deserve gold medals as they made it such a warm and friendly experience. The spirit here in London has been remarkable, there has been so much more heart! Really looking forward to the Paralympics…it looks like the public are really getting behind it with tickets flying out! Fingers crossed I can acquire some…

I shall look out for Jamie in the cycling!

I agree, I don’t even like sport that much but I was hooked! The crowds were really friendly and it was lovely to see London all decorated with flags and bunting.

I’m looking forward to the paralympics too.

Philippe Croizon, who just swam the Bering Strait despite not having legs or arms, will be a radio and television commentator for the Paralympics.

I am glad some television coverage is being provided for these games. Watching the athletes should be both inspirational and amazing, Watching the events might be more interesting than the Olympics

Swimming without legs or arms!? Wow! The determination of people never ceases to amaze me.

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