Paranormal Activity 4

Watched it today…any thoughts?

After the credits rolls, there’s a scene of these guys with a camera visiting a Catholic gift store…anyone know what to make of it?

I didn’t see that show but the few shows I did watch were just made for TV, insulting, garbage to the viewer. Total baloney, television has totally cratered as an entertainment medium imo and reinvented itself as an indoctrination tool of the left…just like as in Orwell.

And that’s one of the better shows too.:shrug:

My daughters are taking me to see it tonight as an early birthday present (the only evening this weekend we are all free). I haven’t seen the other three, but a friend of mine has and he told me they were very frightening.

We went to a haunted house last night (one of the best in the nation, so I’ve read), so this will be two nights of chills and thrills! :slight_smile:


Only of the left? Orwell referrenced totalitarianism, not necessarily of the left - the right has it too :eek:

Dear Carolus Martell–

Maybe we are thinking of different things, the one I am going to see tonight is a movie, not a TV show. Is it a TV show too? I thought the movie only just now came out?

I do agree that a lot of TV shows are ridiculous.

Anyway, movie or TV, it’s all pretend. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen so much horror that it practically bores me.

Modern horror is pretty pointless and boring, as it tends to miss the cardinal rule of fiction – we have to care about our characters for us to feel any emotional stake in the story, and therefore any sense of fear/terror/horror. If you take Silver Bullet, for example, the protagonist was a boy in a wheelchair who had to deal with his physical handicap as well as the horrific entity in the movie (no spoilers, I hope). Just showing people being chopped up and whatnot is pointless, especially when you can go read up plenty about the Holocaust and various other genocides of the last century and this. Who needs Saw when people were crammed into gas chambers and asphyxiated en masse?

Philial, you’re right on…(no pun intended). Indoctrination for a social or political agenda is not party-specific. I squirm a little when someone writes off anything that they associate with the Left or the Right and lumps it into a category of thought not worth listening to. My friends’ parents are wonderful people; thoughtful, intelligent, wordly, but like so many of their generation they are fundamentally against anything that smacks of communism. It’s a phobia born out of some pretty heavy indoctrination starting in the Eisenhower administration.

So they refuse to watch the Motorcycle Diaries, a movie that is touching and amazing and beautifully made, because it features Che Guevara. Never mind that it has nothing to do with his life as a revolutionary, that it is the story of his road trip as a young medical student, they feel that watching it validates everything he did as a Communist rebel decades later. We can disagree with things and still listen, still watch, and we may find that there is something valuable there and something worth learning. That’s how you know YOU’RE not the one indoctrinated!

I always thought that Guvara would have made a great priest, with all that zeal & compassion… a Jesuit, perhaps? Pity he choose the wrong path!

Yes, I’ve seen programmes about the effects of McCarthyism in the U.S… Happily, we didn’t have that, and, back in the day, most U.K. working class catholics tended to support the (soft socialist) Labour Party, whilst being wary of both Communism and Capitalism! That was decades ago, of course, and all idealism seems to have given way to the culture of greed - now, that really is a horror story!

Phobia? I suggest you read up on Communist activity in the United States, starting with World War II, and the threat posed by the Russians as it escalated throughout the 1950s. It was real. The FBI certainly understood it very well.

Entertainment: 1. The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.
2. An event, performance, or activity designed to entertain others.

What is being described here is not a documentary. Real entertainment is not a documentary, although it may portray actual events. Some people today, have no clue what the word entertainment means.

And I’m sure there are some aging Communist sympathizers in the United States that still have their Che poster on their wall. The one where his head is tilted upward, with an expression of determination.

I also suggest getting a copy of the book, Masters of Deceit by J. Edgar Hoover (1958).


lol, no one’s talking about the movie

Is this an in-joke or something? Was the movie so horrible to people at CAF that no one wants to talk about it?

Sorry, Minion, but we daren’t talk about it, as we would immediately be seduced into becoming rabid dialectical materialists hell-bent on the destruction of freedom as J. Edgar Hoover knew it! :eek:

Oh, those nasty Hollywood people :smiley:

Well, it’s not like I think the movies are good anyway…:shrug::smiley:

But I keep subjecting myself to them, sequel after sequel…

Like Crescentinus, movies don’t really scare me anymore, so I guess keep watching horror movies trying to find one that is scary but intelligently done, like Exorcist.

Sadly, even Asian horror stories tend to be very dull as well.
Seeing as it’s Halloween around the corner, there’s going to be a spike in the amount of really bad horror movies. I blame relativism in destroying the horror genre. With relativism, the meaning behind the horror stories and monsters are all destroyed.
I’ve seen and known things which will scare even those writers of the horror genre. :eek:

Agree…these days, all relativism-styled horror is lame shock-scares and bad endings for pretentious “edginess”

Consider Dracula, and how his vampire nature of drinking of blood is like a perversion of the Eucharist, and his fear of crucifixes…now it’s just glorified cannibalism and scientific superhuman vampires immune to crucifixes…:rolleyes:

The meaning behind horror is completely gone…

Somewhat relevant to the thread I started…in the first Paranormal Activity, the idiot boyfriend burned a crucifix in the fireplace, blaming it for the hauntings…GENIUS

Most horror stories rely on shock scares alone. These things do not even have a plot, character development or even an explanation for the horror. Even the Asian horror genre has this sad problem.

The most infamous victim of the relativisation of horror is the vampire. The genre had devolved from a scary monster who represents Satan (like Dracula and Nosferatu) to someone who is heavily misunderstood (like Lestat and Edward Cullen). Other monsters are also relativised, such as zombies, dragons, Frankenstein monsters among others.

I never understood the point of horror movies. I just never found it logical to be scared for a few weeks and sleep with the light on and a knife under the pillow all because of an optional movie. People say there is a thrill in it, but I have yet to experience thrill, only fear. Roller coasters instill a thrill. You of course are scared as you slowly ascend up the first hill (Not sure what else to call it), but there is a thrill as you go down and go on the loops and such that after the ride you really want to go on again. For me this is because the fear wasn’t really that bad and the thrill and excitement made you forget any fear you may have experienced, whereas there is no thrill or excitement in scary movies. I’ve yet to see a scary movie, classic or not, that I enjoyed in any way.

The scene at the very end is to set up a Latin-Catholic spin-off version of the series:

Frankly for me the news is scary enough I don’t do horror movies anymore. Not to mention that horror movies have gotten to be pretty much all the same. They even had to get serious with the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street which without the humor simply didn’t work just another slasher flick.

I know how that feels.

I’ve seen Asian horror movie series and a lot of them had lost their horror. No wonder why I’m thinking of making a fanfic out of one of those Asian horror films.

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