Paranormal and Occult Movies and media

This may have been mentioned before, but here goes. Is it okay for catholics to watch, read, or listen to media related to the paranormal or occult. Examples include movies like the Conjuring series, Books about the paranormal, or online media about ghost stories and similar phenomena. Is any interest too much or is it possible to ignore it at our own peril, since the enemy roams the earth, seeking who he may devour.

Personally I wouldn’t get too much into that kind of entertainment. Better to watch about the lives of the Saints and other good solid spiritual things.

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I think it depends on the message. If the message is that the supernatural world exists, and that the Devil seeks our ruination, and that toying with the supernatural can invite demons into your life, then that’s a good message for people to hear.

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The Saints have had some pretty AMAZING lives and yes even with supernatural events in them. I truly am amazed and in awe when I read about the Saints and how despite such tragic and unbelievable odds they continued to follow God amid great suffering they stayed true to their Faith. Really blows me away the kind of people they were and are.

Depends on the person, for some it is entertainment, for others it might be a stumbling block.

It doesn’t depend on the person. No reason to be vague about this. Occult material is bad.

Movies are one thing but sadly, curiosity is still a problem.


Sure why not?
It is just fiction.
I suppose if your faith isn’t well rooted maybe not but I don’t see any harm in it. I am an adult. I watch R rated movies; as long as it doesn’t influence how I act in life it is just fiction.
Some of the most influential works that we don’t bat an eye about now were at one time considered blasphemous to read or watch.

I avoid R rated movies because they’re too immoral. And what is R today is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Sin is sin at any age.

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I would never warn against the Conjuring movies due to the presence of the occult. I would however warn against them because of how theologically illiterate they are.

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