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Hello all. I am a young Catholic lad and a lay person with no intentions of going into the priesthood (as wonderful a vocation as it is). To answer my upcoming question some background information is necessary. From a very young age I’ve always been somewhat “gifted” in the paranormal realm. Some call it psychic, but I’ve found the term typically has a subtle implication of either secular, occult, or pagan ideologies. I’ve often been able to “sense” things before they happen. My mother would tell you of a time when I was extremely young before we were leaving the house for her to pick something up at work, apparently (I don’t remember very well) I told her we should wait until noon or “something bad will happen”. Apparently I said this type of thing often and mom typically shirked it off as coincidence until this day. All I remember is having a very ill feeling in my stomach as we left. Not ten minutes later we were hit by a drunk driver. Unfortunately my mother received some permanent injuries, but nothing serious enough to inhibit her too badly after some psychical therapy.
I remember going over to a friend’s house after high school. We hadn’t become friends until my senior year and he had already graduated. I went down to his basement which used to be his room. I immediately felt a sickening sensation. He asked me what was wrong. I told him I sensed a large blood stain on the floor by his bed. I told him “terrible things have happened down here. And a diabolical entity tortured someone”. My friend looked at me and asked me to point to locations where things had happened. I accurately found every spot. He told me when in high school, he was severely depressed. He would cut himself. He would have violent fantasies all while conversing with a creature he would only refer to as “the monster”. He had gotten much better, and by the Holy Spirit working within me, is now again active in his own Catholic faith. Just last week, I told my supervisor at work something bad would happen that night, six hours after we closed we received a call from security that the building had been broken into. Basically I could go on and on…
As a young man, unfortunately this “gift” manifested into a fascination with the occult. Tarot cards, horoscopes, and the ouija board. After one particular experience on the board I denounced the occult and re-embraced my faith. I met something evil on the board that night. It identified itself first as Beelzebub and then by circling the 6 on the board backwards 3 times and repeating.
Ever since then, I’ve been able to help people. By that I mean people who have dabbled and bad things are happening to them. People who are oppressed, and people that have strange things happen in their homes. Often times I pray to Saint Michael and a Litany of the Saints to assist in ceasing such activity. I have been recently contemplating a paranormal research team. I’d like to help people as a lay person as much as I can. I know that many times I’ve come into contact with diabolical entities. I know that they like to masquerade as “ghosts”. I’m aware of their behavioral patterns, their targeting patterns, and more. I’m aware of what I am allowed to do (layman’s prayers) and not allowed to do (exorcisms etc). Is there a way to be sanctioned as a lay person by the church to assist people with these types of problems?


They are to be directed to their parish priest who will take it from there including getting the Bishop involved if necessary.

God bless.

All I can say is attempting to reach out to the dead is mortally sinful.

The Holy Spirit ***might ***have granted you the gift of Prophecy, as it did with many other human beings through history,

Remember, your gift of prophecy does not make you invincible. In the end, we are all wicked beings who are tainted with sin and death, Even if your gift is genuine and comes from a benevolent source, you may still, as a ***sinful ***creature, misuse it. :eek:

In order to prevent this ability from becoming a source of pride, practice the virtues of temperance and purity, and keep your mind clean from pride. Never stop praying, especially to your guardian angel.

Ah, and don’t join that paranormal research team. If you play with fire, you’re going to get BURNED!!! Don’t try to outsmart Satan, come on man, seriously??? No one is invincible. You’ll be putting yourself into situations where your feet would be dashed against stones.

Be careful how you use this ability, otherwise you might start a chain of events which would culminate in more souls falling into Hell. :eek:

I’m not well-versed in Church positions on paranormal investigations, but I’m curious to know why it is considered mortally sinful to get involved as a layperson. I believe there’s a difference between “reaching out to” entities and simply identifying them when they choose to make themselves present. :shrug:

Mortally sinful?
You will have to clarify your statement.

When I ask for a saint to pray for me, is it sinful? I mean technically the saint is dead.

As for being mortally sinful, what is your source?

I will go ask a priest on this.

Our family has some “psychic” abilities as well. It really is out of our control. Honestly, it’s a very scary thing. I wouldn’t start this research team. It’s never a good idea to purposefully invite evil entities into your life.

I of course mean reaching out to the dead in the ways being considered by “Raphael728” in the first post; ie. paranormal research. It’s one thing for someone to experience such things at random, but to go asking for it by placing oneself in places thought to be “haunted” is another story and in my opinion is asking for trouble in more ways than most of us could understand.

Some people are natural mystics. This is a rare and special gift that can allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you in a very direct and clear way.

However, many people who have this gift do not understand it and seek, as you have, to use it for divination, attempting to use their gift not for communion with the Holy Spirit, but for seeking secret knowledge from dark and malevolent entities. Needless to say, all attempts at divination are intrinsically sinful and imminently dangerous. When you ask a spirit for information, you are also asking it, in a limited way, to guide your thoughts and actions (since the information you receive will inform your decisions). You are inviting an evil entity to have power over you, and that is never a good thing. It is much better to adhere to the paths of divine revelation accessible to all (science, scripture, and the testimony of the saints), since God is the God of the poor, the uneducated, and the common man, and He does not hide the truth from them.

There are many ways to use your gift in service to God. If you feel especially called to protect people from the evil spirits that you have encountered, you may wish to discern whether or not you are called to priesthood to serve as an exorcist. If you are not called to the priesthood, you may wish to take up a career as a Christian author or spiritual songwriter. No matter what you do, professionally, you can always use your gift to commune with the Holy Spirit to allow Him to guide your work to the greatest good.

Being a natural mystic can be a wonderful thing. It means that God has great plans for you! Be careful, though, because there are other, darker things that have plans for you, too, and your gift can make it easier for them to achieve those plans than with most people.

Thanks to all who answered. However, a lot of you assumed I was going to attempt to “contact the dead” which can’t be done, or further dabble in the occult with a paranormal research team. I saw a quick shift for quite a few to jump on the “your going to burn in hell!” train. I think you misunderstood. The reason for the team would be to assist those afflicted with such problems and ascertain the best way to help them be rid of it. THROUGH PRAYER, THE CHURCH, etc. I’m still on the fence about the whole thing, but thank you all for the input!

This is still getting involved in the occult. Even priests who are appointed exorcists, will tell you the same. They need to be extremely holy, mortified, prayerful, and habitually in the state of grace and not mortally sinning. This is because they are constantly under attack from the devil in ways we can’t imagine. Have you spoken to a priest about what you perceive to be a special gift? This could just as easily be a form of generalized anxiety disorder and coincidence.

Seems to me that’s the job of a priest which you’ve already stated doesn’t interest you. Perhaps you should reconsider.

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