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I wonder if any watched the latest episode of Sci Fi channel’s Paranormal Witness, where the story this week was about a priest from Indiana, Fr. Vincent Lampert, who went to Rome to train as an exorcist. The story was about his first exorcism in his diocese where in the woman was possessed by several demons and the last demon was the most difficult to expel…he forced the demon to say the opening lines of the Hail Mary and only when the demon said this was the demon expelled.

I an assuming the priest is real, but the story sounded very much like Fr. Gary Thomas from the book and the movie The Rite.


They may have changed the names.


In this 2005 interview with Spanish exorcist Priest Fr. Pedro Barrajon, we can clearly see the power that Mary has over demons - their apparent fear of her purity and intercessory capabilities:


Hm…I am not sure though…the priest was featured and he is real, just the story is very similar to Fr. Thomas.

Anybody from Indiana who knows Fr. Lampert?




Yep Fr. Lampert is real. He has spoken twice at the university I attended.


My husband and I watched this the other night.Why was this featured on the Sci Fi channel?
Exorcisms are.not science fiction,which than made we wonder why,if this priest was authentic,why a Sci Fi program and not a Catholic program?


The SyFy channel isn’t just a science fiction channel anymore. Half of the shows are about the paranormal. They even have wrestling.

It’s actually a bit of a shame. It used to be one of my favorite channels. Now days I hardly ever watch anything on it.


Thanks for the clarification.:slight_smile:


Speaking of exorcisms, over on Travel Channel a while ago the “Ghost Adventures” visited the house in St Louis that was said to be the original house from the movie “The Exorcist”. The movie changed the location to Washington DC or Maryland and the child involved was originally a boy and in the movie it was a young girl. I have to say, their visit was not as unnerving as the episode on “Paranormal Witness.”


I can assure you that not only is he real but so is his story. I go to his church and have talked to him before, he is also on YouTube in a Q&A about exorcism.


As another poster mentioned, there is this ** Q &A session on youtube** of Fr. Vincent Lampert, who serves as a priest in Indiana and identified as an exorcist. Having listened to his talk he does not sound like a priest who wants people watching the scifi channel getting curious about this topic - for the sake of entertainment. He’d prefer people living the faith and seeing others doing so.


Fr. Lampert, if I am not mistaken, was in Rome at the same time as Fr. Gary Thomas. Also he is mentioned in Fr. Thomas’s book, The Rite.

I’ve heard Fr. Lampert speak. He’s awesome.


Thanks…I will look up his Youtube video.


I have the book…hmm…I do not recall Fr. Lampert’s name.


The original Exorcist story was in DC and it was a boy. Our pastor was pastor there previously.


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