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Because Jesus was sinless, is that why he was the only one who could die for our sins?


No. It was because He is God. A sin against God – who is all-good, and all-loving – is a sin that is beyond a human’s ability to “undo” by an act of virtue. However, Jesus – as God – by His act of perfect love in sacrificing Himself for us, performed an act that God acknowledged as perfect and true, and therefore, God forgave us for the sin we had committed.

Jesus doesn’t “settle accounts” (‘paid in full’) as some would assert; rather, God sees Jesus’ act of love as perfect and responds in love by cancelling the ‘debt’ of sin.


This is also why the objection made by some Protestants; “If Mary was sinless then why didn’t she die on the cross instead of Jesus,” is invalid. It’s because Jesus’ sinlessness is not the entire reason that his sacrifice was valid in the first place.


Thanks for clearing that up🙂


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