Parellel between Genesis and Judges

Has anybody noticed this parallel?

Genesis and Judges 19 (starts around verse 21)both have similar events.

Wow, Shoewindow, I can’t think why I never noticed it before. I guess reading Leviticus and Deuteronomy (etc.) in between wiped my brain. :slight_smile:

It’s a very interesting parallel–I wonder what God meant by it. I mean the differences are interesting, where in Genesis angels destroyed the city, and in Judges the Israelites themselves punished the offenders.

Of course the chapter numbers were added much later but still it is interesting that they are both chapter 19.

Thanks for pointing it out, it will be a good topic for reflection!

Like Jen, I’d like to spend some more time studying it.

Do you have any thoughts on it?

What is the significance of the pieces of meat distributed out? Was that a sign of “an eye for an eye”?

Or that they (the rest of Israel) let some of the tribe of Benjamin live , whereas the angels didn’t? Notice that Saul, the first king of Israel would come from the tribe of Benjamin. About 1000 years later, there would be another Saul of the tribe of Benjamin who would become rather famous as well. I guess providence stayed the hands of Isarel in that they let a few live.

I also find it ironic that the traveler wouldn’t stay overnight in a gentile town, but insisted on staying in Israel. A lot of help that got him. :rolleyes:

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