Parent charged in disabled teen's death

Warning: link contains graphic descriptions of the child’s condition.

Why is this murder when the situation with Teri Schaivo was “euthanasia”? I guess it’s the same way abortion is only murder if the parent actually wants the baby…

This is so heartbreaking.
If the mother couldn’t deal with her, why didn’t she put the child in someone else’s care?
There were family members concerned for the girl.
It’s so sad, I hope the individuals responsible are put in jail.
May they one day feel true remorse and repent in their hearts.

Very sad…not having a disabled teen, I can’t imagine the stress this family must have been under, however, there is little excuse for not asking someone to help…someone like the state to take over guardianship if you cannot do it yourself any longer.

Poor, sweet baby. May she now rest in the arms of Jesus.

This just makes my heart hurt. That poor girl! :crying:

OMG, there are no words. :mad:

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