Parent or priest advice?


Im kind of confused.
I have a girlfriend, a great girl, that ive been with for almost a year.
The relationship is pretty good, However my girl is looking for a very serious long time relationship, (she is 20) and surely she wants to marry like in about 4 years. On the contrary I (20) want to first earn some money and then, if im ready, think in marriage.
Another critic thing is that I want to meet some new girls in order to be really sure if my actual girl is the right for me.

I talked to my parents about this and they told that I should end my current relationship, specially because I dont want to marry soon, and let the things arrange by the will of god.
On the other hand a priest told me that if my girl is a good person I should stay with her.
Which of these advices should I follow?


Well if your not sure that this girl is the one your going to marry I suggest breaking it off



This is something only you can decide. I would pray about it and seek God as this is quite a serious topic. If your intentions are not to marry this girl at all it would be misleading for her and potentially very painful as breakups can be after a long time.

Take time to pray, meditate and ask God for His will in this situation. Tell your parents that the priest has told you otherwise. But above all, pray about it.

In Jesus and Mary,



You should pray about it and discern what God wants you to do. Only He can give you the answer you’re looking for. Take your time and simply ask God. Don’t spend all your time asking though, else you won’t hear His voice. Spend about fifteen minutes a day in prayer starting with asking God His will and just remain silent to listen.


You obviously are not ready to marry because you sound very immature. Marriage is a committment and something that you must be sure of. If you still want to meet new girls to see if you are ready than I would suggest you let her go. Date other girls until you get this out of your system.


I agree.
It wouldn’t be fair to your current girlfriend to continue to drag her along if your intentions aren’t aligned.

Good luck.


The priest’s opinion in this matter is just that–his opinion. I imagine he is thinking of the girl’s happiness more than your indecision. But, I agree with others who have advised you to let this girl go and date others. She has the right to pursue a relationship that will give her what she wants, just as you do. And unless and until you can see that for yourself, you are not ready for any serious commitment to anyone.


Be honest with the girl. Tell her that you do not want to marry for at least four years and that you want to date other people before you settle down with one person.

She may decide to date you off and on while you date others off and on, or she may cut bait and fish elsewhere. Give her that as an informed decision.


I agree. This is exactly the advice I would be giving you.


Really? He sounded very mature to me. He’s asking all the right questions and came here for further advice. How much more maturity should one have?


The priest may only be thinking of how rare it is to find a good wife.

The girl herself does not want to marry for four years. In my experience, an intense and chaste relationship is difficult to maintain without marriage except when it can’t be helped…as int military deployment.


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