Parent with Non-Marriage Child


I have a question regarding the status of a friend
She is non catholic, but may want to convert.
She is a young girl just over 20.
She got pregnant after a loose relation with a non-catholic boyfriend who then left her.
She realizes the fault of this deed (sexual relation outside a marriage) but will of course keep and give birth to the child.
If she enters into the Catholic church, confessing this sin, will she be able to enter into the state of grace?
If she then meets a new boy whom she wants to marry in the Catholic church....
Will this be permitted to her or does the church see her as beeing married already due to the relation she had with the earlier boyfriend?


She is not married, she had sexual intercourse outside of marriage (fornication). This can be confessed and absolved. I would not go so far into the future as to when she meets another young man, but if she has not continued to sin, and has become a Catholic through RCIA and the sacraments, then she can marry a Catholic in the church.

And has she thought about adoption for the baby? I know it is out of fashion to talk to young girls about adoption but it can be a blessing for so many people.


She is not considered married because, well, she never got married! Through the child she will always have a link to her baby's father, but that has nothing to to with being married. The Church considers her single and free to marry down the road when she finds the right man.

If she confesses her sin and is absolved, she will be in as much a state of grace as someone who never even did it. It will in no way be a barrier to her entering the Church or getting married in it one day. And with all the pro-life and crisis pregnancy work being done in the Church right now, Catholicism is a very good place for a young single mother to turn right now. She will be able to find help and forgiveness there.


She does have some sins which she should confess now to our Lord, and of course in her First Penance when she converts. After a good confession, she would be in a state of grace!!! If she is unbaptized, then when she enters the church she would need to be baptized which would wash all her sins away!!!

If she has never married, she would be able to enter a sacramental marriage in the Church.

I will be praying for her!


Everybody said some really good things - make sure you thank your friend for choosing life - there are a lot of people out there that may be very judgemental and she may need your love and support. God bless her.


Thank you all. These are the kind of answers I was needing.Very consoling.

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