Parental Duty?


On the Duty to pass on the faith…

To Catholic Parents,

So great a gift has never been entrusted to men, this command to dutifully and carefully place in the hands, hearts and minds of their children the great treasure we call the Catholicism.

How can anyone who is not blind to truth, or slothful in its sight refuse the God-given mandate to pass on the holy jewels (dogmas) of our faith.
Out of hatred for one’s own seed would any deny to those who so depend on the reception of those means of salvation, the Sacraments, entrustment to
Our Lady, Church Tradition, and Sacred Scripture.

It is such a grave danger that they leave their children without these spiritual weapons.

When the life-blood of Catholicism that flows through the family tree is suddenly extinguished, how many generations of destruction are doomed? No selfish act could be more disastrous or grossly negligent.


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