Parents and Vocation

Alright, this is a hypothetical question and I’m just curious to know. If someone wanted to join a religious order or become a priest but their parents didn’t want them to and they were above the age of 18, would it be alright to for them to go through with it anyways?

Adults do not need parental consent but this should be discerned with a spiritual director as all vocational issues/questions should be.

In my book, over 18, it’s up to you. I tend to think parents with this subject might initially overreact, but surely upon reflection might well support it. At a certain point, you really ARE your own man: it has to be this way.

Just a personal note. I married late and unfortunately have only one child, a son, who, if in the future he were to tell me he wanted to join the priesthood, I’d feel honored and ecstatic for him and hope all the best, feeling good things were coming his way.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Yeah, that makes sense. If it ever did come down to this though I would just hate leaving my parents on such a bad note. I’m glad you would be so supportive! I know if I ever had a son I would be the same! =]

I think it’s best to pray that they would eventually accept. Just for the sake of peace and obedience… even if over 18. But there have been Saints whose parents were against their vocation (I think many of them eventually changed their mind at some point). I guess this is something to discuss with a spiritual director. :slight_smile:

God bless

Parents often have difficulties dealing with their children as adults.
They have certain ideas/goals for their children and religious life is not often part of their picture. I am sure there is some fear involved as well! And the ultimate sacrifice (giving up possible grandchildren) is sometimes hard for parents to wrap their arms around at first.

If this is something important to you (or anyone else for that matter), you need to communicate to them the importance of searching out and discerning this possible vocation.

Parents will respect you taking a stand and it gives them something to think about when reflecting on the whole situation. In general, most parents come around and are supportive…and as others have said, spiritual direction is important!

You don’t need your parents’ permission but I can tell you from those I know who followed a vocation that it is much harder emotionally and psychologically if it isn’t there.

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