'Parents could be re-named Progenitors A and B' under plans for gay marriage

dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2114768/Gay-marriage-plans-UK-Father-mother-named-Progenitors-A-B.html :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Laws dating back 800 years?
God gave Moses the Ten Commandments well over 3,000 years ago!

“Orwellian”…George Lucas might live long enough to see someone branded THX 1138.

Is Cameron trying to commit political suicide? Why dont he and his "Equality" (or whatever shes called) Secretary just join the Labour Party, and leave the true Conservatives in peace? But, the Lib Dem tail is wagging the Tory dog. :shrug:

The bad news is that they are trying as hard as they can, while they can, to drag as many souls to hell with them.

The good news is that they are probably going to more quickly cause the Second Coming, when the final battle over such evil will take place.

Its a Daily Mail article…:smiley:

The “Progenitors A and B” refers to birth certificates in Spain. It hasn’t been proposed in the UK. Moreover, those terms are unrelated to the passage of same-sex marriage in Spain, other than that the wording on the birth certificates were changed a year later. I’m sure a lot of things happened in Spain a year after passage of the same-sex marriage law.

Why only A and B? That sounds like discrimination to me. :rolleyes:

True equality would allow all sorts of combinations, such as this: one set of haploid chromosomes (let’s say 22+X) from Adam, as well as another set (let’s say 22+Y) from Steve, are cloned into a cell of Dolly the sheep, and the whole construct is implanted into the uterus of Chita the chimpanzee. Thus, the resulting being would have 4 progenitors: Progenitor A (Adam), Progenitor S (Steve), Progenitor D (Dolly), and Progenitor C (Chita).

Hey, we live in an era of* in vitro* fertilization and surrogate mothers (uterus for hire, etc). Next frontiers in our descent to hell are going to be cloning and human-animal hybrids.

And if you don’t like the prospect, you are going to be accused of “bigotry” and “discrimination”. :banghead: :banghead:

:crying: :crying: :crying:

Why not just say “parent” or “partner”? “Progenitor” sounds so sterile.

Somewhere, at the Daily Mail, they’re waiting with bated breath for the 'Soap Star Gives Lift To Muslim EU Doctor In Royal Corgi Sex-Change Mercy Dash!" story opportunity.

No this hasn’t been proposed exactly - but on BBC radio news just this morning there was a story that when the same sex marriage gets past we would not be allowed to use the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ anymore because it would be discriminatory to ‘assume’ it was a heterosexual marriage. I would have taken the discussion as being rather tongue in cheek but the BBC is not known for a sense of humour when discussing the news!

When the coalition came in I thought ‘well the poor will be abandoned but at least we will not have the madness of chasing every mad liberal idea going’. But Cameron seems to be going out of his way to appease the homosexual community more than Labour. Is this all going to come into law and then we will find its just because most of his front bench are ‘Martha rather than Arthur’ ?!

It is that wretched Liberal MP Lyn Featherstone- the equalities minister - honestly I try to have Christian thoughts about people but talk about jumping on bandwagons - the woman makes my skin crawl whenever she’s on TV. But when they talk about ‘equality’ its only ever for the homosexual community. I understand they were discriminated against for a long time but did they have to keep shouting about their sexual preferences? Honestly I couldn’t care less and would rather not know what ANYONE gets up to behind closed doors - or see anyone (men and woman together including) kissing passionately on the street. Perhaps I’m just a prude though - channelling my very Victorian Grandmother again!

But if Cameron thinks he’s going to gain votes with this type of policy he has read it very wrong. There seems to be nowhere politically for a (small c) conservative, traditional family values person in the UK now. I used to vote (in my youth) Labour but then they pretty much closed down Catholic adoption agencies and that ended that. As guilty as I feel as a woman not to bother to vote I just can’t feel any of them are worth it. Wish they had a thing on the voting paper saying ‘none of the above’ !

(Oh and why when Christians try to make a point on anything are we told ‘you are irrelevant because only whatever percent go to church’ when the last time anyone counted there was less percent that are gay and want all these changes - why is it always the small minority shout the loudest and get heard.)

Sorry rant over :blush:- thanks for listening!

It seems that the “equalities minister” is more equal than other people. If there is true equality than every person has a right to accept or reject gay marriage and the government has to allow that. Of course there isn’t true equality, there is only servitude to the new kings - a new feudal system.

Husband and wife will be discriminatory. But what about people who want to use husband and wife. Aren’t proponents of “progenitor” or “partner” being discriminatory toward them? It’s all just pure hypocrisy. Any true liberal would spit on this, hence the people who support this aren’t true liberals, or humanists.

I suppose if heterosexual couples want to use husband and wife (or mother and father, as the case may be), then sure, but the same terms don’t apply to homosexual couples, but “spouse” and “parent” (or “caregiver”) are perfectly acceptable (and less sexist) gender-neutral terms.

Why is it sexist to say male and female? Is it sexist to say cow and bull? Is it sexist to correct for sexes when calculating creatinine clearance in the laboratory? Based on that result dangerous drugs are dosed. If that were not done, plenty of people would get very sick and may even die. Is it sexist to assume different QT interval lengths on EKG for males and females? Misrepresenting those can lead to death. Should we let these people die, it seems we choose not to.

I don’t see anything sexist in differentiating between mother and father. Even if there are lesbians and gays who are caregivers of children or have legally adopted them. In that scenario the child has two fathers, or two mothers.

Is it sexist to sell computers without braille displays in shops and advertise them as meant for personal use? Are blind people not persons? Are we discriminating?
Should we ban colours?

I just don’t get this sexism, racism, -ism thing. It makes no sense to me. I think people have too much free time on their hands and thank God had probably too few serious things to struggle with in their lives - such as mass disaster, epidemics, war, etc. Do Rwandans worry about sexism? Do Cambodians worry about racism? Did people who lived through the Blitz or survived Nazi/Japanese/Soviet occupations worry about such nonsense? A fat society leads to this type of nonsense.

I’m sorry, but this reduces marriage almost to the level of a business transaction.

“Party A decides to marry Party B for the purpose of artificially engendering multiple parties-----C (Children).”

May God have mercy on on our society. And our souls.:(:frowning:

That’s what the gay lobby does not appreciate. If this legislation is passed, the institution will be generic and not really that which they have been jealous of all this time, isn’t it?

I’ve met religious gays who wear crosses, go to church on Sundays and read the Bible. They would like religious marriage and they believe that God would allow such and perhaps even wants such. Many of them have rather conservative ideas too and find
some modern ideas also idiotic.

Then there are the atheistic/secularised gays who are just happy that marriage is watered down. It’s similar to what we see in the entitlement culture in places like South Africa. People demand things of the government: every worker strikes unless he gets an annual pay increase not realising that all that does is just drive up inflation and each year the prices of everything go up proportionately. But people don’t think. It really is all about “me” and “myself” etc. Life these days is all about feelings. A CNN reporter asks two conservation students “how they feel” after one of their turtle nests hatched and the young hatch-lings died because no-one was around to take them out of the enclosure. If it feels bad it’s bad, if it feels good it’s good, as long as it is approved by the feudal masters on top and the groupthink they push. Feeling bad about having to sacrifice your conscience by selling abortifacients to people is not worth mentioning, but feeling bad because someone assumed you’re a male when you applied for a job as a mechanic is comparable to being raped.

That’s the problem…“like” and “want” addles the brain. All they end up with is a broken toy and a pretend “marriage”.

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