Parents don't want me to goto mass - Too close to work

Tomorrow my parents are saying I shouldn’t necessarily goto mass as I have work straight after nearly and that its come at a bad time - Had a funeral just a few days ago. Should I not go or should I still ask to go?

You should still ask to go.

I did but they are still tossing and turning, what happens if they say no? I might not be able to walk down or that.

Can you get Saturday evening mass? That’s ok to go to instead.

If in free will, deliberate and full knowledge a person does not go to Sunday mass (or the Saturday vigil mass instead) -it’s a mortal sin.

If you do everything you can but can’t go, then it’s not a mortal sin.

Is it possible for your parents to drop you straight from mass to work on Sunday?
Is there evening mass on Sunday you can go to?

Are there earlier Sunday mass you can go to?

Ask them to drop you to Saturday evening mass then, have you a relative / friend you can ring or neighbour who can drive you to Saturday evening , or Sunday mass?

It’s too late and I think only the 9:30 mass, I hope I can. Guess it’s upto them

Then you have done your best. God Loves you for that.


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