Parents go to jail for using homeopathy to teat their daughter’s eczema and for refusing other medical help when that was failing. (The child died) and a comment on abortion


On the news yesterday there was an item about a Sydney husband and wife who have just been sentenced to jail for several years each. What are they going to jail for? Apparently they are going to jail for making a big mistake and for the husband’s stubborn refusal to obtain medical help for their daughter.

Their baby daughter developed eczema and they treated the child with homeopathy. This was clearly failing, but the couple did not seek medical help. Eventually the child died. Doctors say that they could have saved the child.

The judge told the mother has badly she had “failed” in her duty as a mother. I think this means that she did not talk her husband out of his way of dealing with the child’s illness.

We have abortions in our hospitals. That is murder of the unborn. I do not see many abortionists going to jail.

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The fact that the government still hold some value in life shouldn’t be held against the fact that they kill others.

Its not for us to contrast our suffering with others, or one against another.

The poor child died an extremely painful, unnecessary death.


Yes it is good that the government has some concern for life. I can see from what you have written about the child’s death that you are aware of this particular case.

It is ok for the government to impose a sentence on people whose parenting is like this, unfortunately it is the same government who condones abortion (the killing of the unborn) and something should be done about that. The unborn who are aborted also die an extremely painful, unnecessary death and I am not prepared to ignore their plight and their sufferings.


Actually, yes, its good that they persued this charge. In America they persued a charge of a young mother who was killed with an unborn child. It is much better than…holland…(or another nortic country) that allows euthenasia of obviously retarded or handicapped infiants.

The unborn is a separate, but still notable, issue.


What you are missing is that the Government and many people in that population do not believe life begins at conception. That is the argument. If they did believe that, as we do, abortion would be illegal because it would be murder.

My second son has eczema very bad but I have never heard of it killing anyone and my wife and I did TONS of research when he was diagnosed at the age of 6 months. If she died because of that then IMHO there had to be other neglect as well.

I would stand by the system in this case.



I agree with this… something isn’t adding up. My daughter has eczema and there is nothing about it that would kill her. Maybe an infection that got wildly out of control from scratching the eczema so hard, creating an open wound, but I don’t think even that would kill the normal child, would it? Hmmmm…


Maybe the OP is confusing eczema w/ asthma? The two sound similiar (and are spelled funny), and I used to have to consciously differentiate them in my head to not mix them up.

Tragic in any case :frowning:

In Christ,




No, she did die from excema. He skin became so infected she died, technically what killed her was untreated, or undertreated, skin infections, but I think in the medical world still constituted death as excema.


Oh, it was eczema. How horrible, that poor baby! :crying:

In Christ,



I saw this movie once called “the village” or something like that, where the people lived in older times, when the lack of medication existed and many died from infections that are treatable… Then something happens to one of the “chiefs” kid and then they send out the “blind” child out into the woods, past the great wall and out into the real world, where she meets the “park ranger” and tells him about the accident that occured and the need for a medication that was written on a piece of paper…

They sent her out because she wouldn’t be manipulated by what she saw, she was blind only hear things, so she wouldn’t fall into the temptation to know more and at the same time bring that modern medication into the village as a miracle saver to help those whom are ill…

The “ranger” goes and gives it to her because he feels she’s sincere…

She returns to the village and helps save the guy…

I understand a parent wanting to raise their child as natural as possible and away from all these chemicals and stuff that can cause more harm than help a person, but I also know that when a child’s life is at stake, why would you want to give up on your child just because you don’t believe in modern medication, when it’s something treatable like that???

This I do not understand…
But I don’t think they should be sent to jail for it…First of all they will live with their decision the rest of their lives, and besides at the end the one whom judges is GOD not anyone else… therefore there will be more for them to deal with after life as well…And whom knows maybe the child wouldn’t have survived the treatment, so I mean this is like a double edged sword, but I believe all should have been done for the child…But they chose not to so I guess they will have to live with themselves for all eternity…with the “WHAT IF”


Well, technically science doesn’t see an unborn early staged baby as a human being yet, so they don’t consider it murder whereas any child conceived is a human being and a gift from GOD… Those whom have made the mistake are living with it, and hopefully they see the light of GOD and change their ways and never repeat it and hopefully GOD will keep shining bright on them with His never ending love because that is a huge cross to live with…


Yes, eczema can cause serious infections, and serious herpes infections as well. Any break in the skin (from scratching, etc) can be an entry point for infection.

That poor child. :frowning: What pain that must have been.


There was a case in the US of a young girl who suffered from diabetes and died a VERY painful death, as the father didn’t want any modern treatment. I believe that the father has been arrested and charged in that case, too. I think that SOME homeopathic medicine is hooey and isn’t really even what sage medicine men or healers would of used, but an attempt to “show up” modern medicine. When its used properly its the culmination of years of study of ancient and modern practices, when used improperly it has people die of ailments that are typically not fatal, nor even moderatly uncomfortable. On the same token, I think that we probably die from diseases today that a good Indian healer could of remedied in a matter of days. No one is blamed for those deaths. However, most of these deaths are adults. When you’re dealing with a child someone needs to be held accountable. Excema is a well known, easily treatable condition. I’m baffled why this girl died…even homeopathic treatments should of been more than ample to help her live a normal life. From the story it looks as if the father was treating the child himself, not even consulting other homeopathic doctors. The sheer arrogance of that is astounding, as the child suffered greatly for 5 months. This wasn’t an instant thing.

To me they are jailed under the premise, “Homeopathy medicine is not an excuse to neglect the welfare of a child and that medical neglect is edging on murder.”


I don’t thing it was the arrogance I think it wa the ignorance about it… Because I hate going to the doctor, I am there for up to 2-4, 5-8 hours waiting to be seen…I can understand the frustration, and for me I don’t like to attend as much as I should, but for my kids I don’t care as long as someone helps me and takes care of them you know?! I couldn’t live with myself and my ignorance just because I was ignorant to know that a doctor or even a homeopathic doctor could have guided me better!!! That I do not understand…


I can read no indication where the father went to a homeopathic dr. other than himself, he simply used homeopathic treatment. Even the most skilled dr is not advised to treat close relatives themselves.


Wow. How horribly sad. :frowning:


Abortion (at any stage) is murder whether a politician believes it or not, just as my second name is Ann whether a person believes it or not. Being an abortionist is not a great doctoring job. Many abortionists are there because it is a good money making venture. Fortunately they are not beyond help. Father Pavone has helped many of them in their conversion process and the converted abortionists now help to fight against the ugly business that they were once involved in.

There was a case here in (Sydney) Australia, where a man kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach, causing her to lose the baby, (which is also his child). He went to jail for 10 years for killing the baby and I think that he is still there. This is a correct decision and I applaud it, but it is in an Australian state where abortion is practiced, as it is practiced just about everywhere else. What a contradiction. I am glad that I am not an unborn baby today. It is a dangerous time for them. Cases like that of the Sydney woman which highlight the contradictions in law regarding the unborn, at least give a faint glimmer of hope, that there will one day be some sanity and proper protection of the unborn. I have been told on another forum of similar contradictions in U.S. law. It also makes me wonder if some politicians actually know that the unborn are real people, but chose in the case of abortion to ignore what they clearly understood when it came to the case which is mentioned in this posting of the Sydney woman who was kicked in the stomach. I also wonder what those who favour and push for abortion think about the Sydney woman’s case. It must be a thorn in their side.


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