Parents, Kids & Abortion

The US Supreme Court agreed Monday to review a repeal of the New Hampshire law mandating parental notification before a minor girl could obtain an abortion.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England successfully challenged New Hampshire’s parental notification law in 2000, when the 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston ruled the law unconstitutional because it did not have an exception for the “health of the mother.”

I am dumbfounded that so many U.S. judges, these allegedly highly educated students of the law, would be so easily duped by such a superficially fallacious and crafted notion as not having an abortion being bad for a woman’s health.

By that very logic, abortion should be eliminated altogether! The health of the mother demands it! More mothers are killed/sterilized/phsically wounded/emotionally hurt/psychologically impaired through abortion than those who don’t have them.

Our “greater good” utilitarian society makes exceptions to the “greater good” from time to time, I suppose.

I have always found it interesting that the touted “greater good” always seems to coincide with what is politically correct from the left.

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