Parents Lose Fight With Doctors to Keep Sick Son Alive

From what I’ve read, socialized medicine has not worked well in places that it has been tried, so I wonder if this type of situation will become more common with socialized medicine in the U.S. Though all of us may get marginal basic care with socialized medicine, those who are sick and need more care may not get it. The line indicating who is “worth treating” and who is not may be pushed back further and further. I wonder if people of a certain age (young and old) or people who have certain conditions will just be told to go home to die because it is too much of a drain on resources to even attempt treatment. I know those who support socialized medicine say that is the case now with the poor, that if you can’t pay, you can’t get treatment. I don’t think that is the case, since illegals get care and I don’t think a hospital can outright turn anyone away, might send someone to another hospital for care, but they do get care. I am open to correction here if I am wrong.

My fear is that that will be the case with all of us should socialized medicine come to the U.S. Perhaps it will be common to hear “Grandma is too old to bother with treating her infection” or “Your child’s cancer is too expensive to treat, so we won’t do it. Begin making arrangements now.” Too young, too old, too sick may be the biggest losers (and their families too), while those who don’t fall into those categories may just get basic care, but nothing beyond. I fear mediocrity in healthcare may be our future.

“Parents Lose Fight With Doctors to Keep Sick Son Alive
Saturday, March 21, 2009

The parents of a seriously ill baby in Britain have said they are “deeply distressed” by a legal ruling which will allow their “only and beloved son” to die.
The parents, known as Mr. and Mrs. T, said they planned to “enjoy what little time” they had left with their son who has a rare metabolic disorder and has suffered brain damage and major respiratory failure.
Last night the parents’ final possible legal avenue to keep their son alive failed when two Appeal Court judges upheld an earlier High Court ruling giving permission to doctors to allow him to die.”…

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Liberals are turning this country into what our ancestors fought and died against. I never thought I’d see the US become another European socialized country. It’s extremely unfortunate, and I hate to see the struggles my children will go through if they have that same conservative gene that I do. If it continues down the road it is going, and I think it will, conservatives will have to unite and either move or fight back. There is just no way we will be stand for tyranny, which is ultimately what liberalism will bring. It will be a long way down the road, but it will eventually happen if people do not realise the consequences.

Too many in this country wanting handouts.

Europe needs our prayers

One thing I do not understand though…isnt the Catholic church a big promoter of socialism and socialised health care? Isnt this just another form of abortion, ultimately supported by the Catholic church? I know the Church would not support incidents like this, but the young and and especially the old are turned away quite regularly under social medicine.

The NHS trust involved, which, like the child and his parents, cannot be identified on the orders of the courts, had argued that the child had no prospect of recovery and that he suffers intolerable pain as a result of his treatment and condition.

Also, the parents had this to say:

“We have been and remain enormously grateful to the National Health Service for the huge effort and massive cost that has been involved in OT’s battle for life,” they said.

Firstly, let me say that no, I do NOT support socialized medicine. I’m a Conservative Republican of the Ronald Reagan variety.

I personally know a fellow forum member, jollyoki, who went into the hospital several months ago with severe breathing problems. She called me from the hospital at about 5:30 a.m. (my time zone) and asked for prayers. She was left untreated in the emergency room for roughly 12 hours … and was denied even pain medication. It’s my belief that the reason she made it out of the hospital alive that time was because her daughter called a Catholic priest who came and administered the Sacrament of the Sick. After that, jollyoki had her daughter drive her home from the hospital.

From what jollyoki describes, she is having a hard time getting the care she needs precisely because the illegal immigrants are draining the system such that there aren’t enough benefits to go around when it comes to US citizens who are the hardest cases and in most need when it comes to extreme, multiple, and disabling health problems.

So while she wasn’t officially turned away from the hospital, she was grossly ignored, IMHO, by the medical staff. God bless the priest, praise Jesus Himself for saving her life that day through the Sacraments of the Church.

I’ve gotten to become good friends with her since last summer. Please feel welcome to PM me with any questions.

And please if you have a moment say a prayer for her. Even one Hail Mary would mean so much.

Prayers for the British child as well,

~~ the phoenix

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