Parents lose right to withdraw children from sex education lessons

Parents are to lose the right to withdraw their child from sex education classes when the youngster reaches 15, the Schools Secretary announced today.

The move means all teenagers will receive at least one year’s worth of lessons covering sex, contraception and relationships before the age of consent.

Faith schools will not be able to opt out of any part of the new statutory curriculum, Ed Balls also confirmed today, although they will be able to teach topics within the ‘tenets of their faith’.

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This is sad :frowning:

I don’t see the problem.

It’s been promised that Faith schools will be able to teach ‘within the tenets of their faith’.

What if that’s not an option for the family?

Read Human Sexuality with your child. It will prepare them for any temptation or evil in sex ed.

This puzzled me at first, but then I deduced you were speaking from an American viewpoint,meaning that places in a Faith school have to be paid for.

It’s different in the UK, which is where the news item relates to.

Catholic schools are free to attend, as they are part of the State (i.e. national) school system. It’s a complicated situation, involving the State owning the premises, (I think) but the school appointing the staff via the Governors.

There are private Catholic schools, where a charge is payable, but they are the exception.

So there’s a Catholic school at every grade level that’s within reasonable commuting distance of the country’s whole population? If that’s the case, then you are very blessed!

By the way, I actually did live in the UK for over a year, but I as a single adult with no children, you don’t learn too much about the school system. My experience consisted of whatever friends felt like mentioning from their childhoods, and going to a club called “School Disco.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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