Parents of Confirmation Candidates


This is my first year instructing 8th graders in preparation for their Confirmation on April 20. There are twelve children in my class. usually only 10 attend on any given Sunday.
It has been a rewarding and glorious process since we started back in September. I am so proud of them that they are "getting it" and I feel truly blessed by the Holy Spirit-- although I wish we had a few more classes!

Next Sunday I have invited parents, sponsors, and Godparents to the class. They will watch five brief presentations by student teams on the official church position on certain issues chosen by the students: Abortion, Homosexuality, Capital Punishment, Mortal Sin, and Purgatory. The assignment was to search the Catechism for support of the church teaching and then to locate three excerpts from the Bible in support thereof. They did a very good job yesterday and they have a much better understanding of what the church teaches (and not what they or the secular world thinks it is).

After that, we have arranged for two of our priests to offer confession for the last thirty minutes of class. The students will leave the room and go to a separate private area to receive the sacrament. I will have the parents etc for that last half hour. Any recommendations from the board on what to cover or discuss? Thank you.


Wow! I have no recommendations for you, but I want to say you are doing an outstanding job!


Often people have questions but don't know where to ask. It may be something they think they "should" know like how to go to confession or it may be something more specific.

You might put out index cards where people can write down questions and then you can answer them. (Being anonymous might be more comfortable for people.)

And then you probably want to have some information ready to present in case they don't have questions. Since the Conclave may be concluded by then you might want to talk about the new pope and how he is chosen. Or you might choose a topic like confession and say that you heard someone ask if the priest can ever reveal what is said in confession and then go from there. (And if those particular people aren't asking about the seal, many other people have.)

Best wishes to you. It sounds like a good opportunity!


Thanks very much for your responses. :)


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