Parents of Justina Pelletier sue Boston Children’s Hospital


“I’m very angry, and I just don’t understand how this happened, and I just really don’t want this to happen again to another family,” said Justina, who was with her parents, two of their attorneys, and a family spokesman from the Christian Defense Coalition.


It’s terrible what happened to that poor girl…:frowning:


I really hope they win. I also hope that everything that the hospital has been keeping to themselves is made public. They’ve been able to hide behind a gag order this whole time. The only reason the story came out is because the father broke the gag order. I can’t blame him, I’d do the same.

I think there is something weird going on with this. My nephew got sick and was in the hospital. When we went to visit there was a check point w/ armed security. We heard the girl was at that hospital. Not sure if it was rumor but was a bit creepy.


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