Parents of not so little ones, pics of your kids as babes


*Hi all, thought this would be a fun thread, for those of us who are parents of “not so little ones” anymore…to post pics of our kids as babies and toddlers. I am scrapbooking today! I have the day off, and have just gotten into this hobby. It is a lot of fun to take some old pics and make a special memory book out of them. :slight_smile:

My kids are 13 and 16 as seen below in my sig line, so it’s so neat to look at these old pics, and go back in time. I miss these days. :o Look forward to your pics! :bounce:*


*No one? :slight_smile: Aw. *


I don’t have any, big or little, but yours are awful sweet! :love: Can you post the “now” pictures so we can compare? :smiley:

Edit: Sorry, I missed their “now” pic at the bottom. They are beautiful children! You better keep an eye on them. ;):smiley:


What gorgeous kids you have!! As babies and now as young adults. May God continue to bless them.


Thank you Mia, and Convert…they will always be my babies. :smiley:


I’ll play…

My baby, she’s 10 now.

Michelle Beebe uploaded this image to

Our oldest dd…now 11
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My little man, now 16
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Oh my gosh, I LOVE those pics, mommamia. haha The baby in the bucket…how adorable. :love: Isn’t it something how they age so fast? But, we haven’t right? :smiley: I sometimes miss those baby years, do you?


Yeah, I always wondered how they got so old, when I’ve not aged a bit.:wink:

Sometimes I miss those baby days, other days I love the freedom of having older kids. Usually a few hours with my 3yo niece reminds me why I like the older kids.


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