Parents of Poor Sleepers - Help!



Friday night…a good night with no crying or sleep interruptions. Wow I felt good on Saturday!

Saturday night…one bout of whimpering, I am not sure what about, I didn’t get up to tend to her.

Sunday night…a horrible night…Anna screaming 4 times and my baby restless and kicking all night long. 1st time-“My head hurts.” 2nd time-“My belly hurts.” 3rd time-I don’t know, I didn’t tend to her. 4th time-A peepee accident, screamed because she wanted her pajamas off but didn’t want me helping. Frustrating!

One difference in each day is the amount of time we were outside. We were outside a good couple hours on Friday. Saturday, maybe 30 or 40 minutes. Sunday, none.

This wake-up and screaming behavior was terrible in the winter and spring this year, greatly lessened in the summer when we were outside a lot and exercising, and is now picking up again that the weather is worsening. I do think the outdoors activity helps. However, it does not always follow this, sometimes we are outside and she still wakes and screams.

I don’t mean to picture my daughter as some ugly brat. My sis-in-law who is “up” on the zodiac signs says that Anna is a Gemini, which means “twins,” or two personalities. She is like this, either happy, silly, and a total joy, or a completely impossible mess. I thank you for your suggestions. Keep any new ones coming.


I just thought of something. Do you remember having what Mom called “growing pains”? Where you absolutely hurt all over, especially in the legs, at night?

I remember having “growing pains” all the time as a child. They kept me up, made me ill and just maybe the little bit of exercise keeps them from hurting so much…or could it be the other way around, if they are more physically active their legs would hurt more.

I don’t know! Just something I thought of. My kids sleep with us (all in the same room) and sometimes the middle child wakes up screaming. A quick snuggle usually works for him, so really this post was probably no help at all…:o


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