Parents outraged by video of Bangor School staff making vulgar comments about students


“BANGOR, Mich. – The secretary of the superintendent of Bangor Public Schools has resigned and several teachers were disciplined after a video surfaced online that allegedly showed teachers and school staff playing a game at a bar. The game asks the players to name three people they would marry, have intimate relations with or kill, and the footage shows those staff members naming students and other teachers in the game. Some were names of students with special needs.”

Our educators…


That’s just horrible.
Playing a game about other teachers is one thing,but involving students and making disparaging comments about children with special needs is very concerning and horrid.


It’s just typical human behavior - nothing shocking about this at all.

If this were a Christian school I might feel differently. :shrug: But probably not.


I agree with this. Sad but true.



Parents who entrusted their children to schools should be able to expect better from teachers. Teachers are in a position of authority over youth and are commonly held out as role models. If they can’t behave as good role models, the parents and students deserve alternative educational choices.


I agree too, and think this likely happens at majority of schools to some degree.


Agreed, teachers are mandatory reporters so you would think they would know better. That’s why any mandatory reporter who saw this type of behavior would also be required to report this to the appropriate authorities.


You really think this is typical human behavior? No one I know would be sitting around in a bar having that conversation, or anywhere else for that matter. Maybe I just live a sheltered life, but I found it to be a horrifying story.


Nearly every place I have worked in my life, I have seen occasions of employees or staff making rude/ vulgar comments about customers, clients, other employees, etc. Its usually done behind closed doors, in break rooms, lounges, and meant to be heard only for the people present at the time, but it still happens.


Yes. You live a sheltered life. This is par for the course.


I don’t know how typical it is but I don’t think it is unusual. You might be a bit innocent. That being so other folks may act differently around you so you don’t get to experience the depth of man’s depravity.


In Texas, this would not fall under any mandatory reporting law, which only applies to knowing of cases of child abuse. I will tip my hat to the one who recorded this though. It was totally inappropriate. However, it seemed to me I heard a couple of the teachers trying to defuse the conversation and stop the game. I think this story is good to make us consider what we would do in this situation. Leave? Call your co-workers on the carpet in public? Stay silent, but report it?

Play along? Peer pressure is not just for kids, you know.


I tend to agree, especially when alcohol is involved.


Teachers have to let off steam from work just like everyone else. Nothing has been reported that any teacher actually did or said anything unprofessional when a student was around.

That being said they should not have discussed students by name in a public setting like that, the behavior was unprofessional and morally reprehensible. But lets not act like we have never blown off steam after work and talked bad about a customer, co-worker etc…

Not defending the teacher’s actions but lets be realistic.


It’s one thing to name other teachers, co-workers, staff, etc., but another to name children, especially* special needs* children. I hope I never become jaded or blase to the point where I don’t find this an outrage. I’m glad the staff was disciplined.


I’ve heard teachers talk about students in the faculty lounge many times, and not always with glowing praise. Nothing like this, though.


This happened with students from my class back in 2014-2015. No teachers were involved but my classmates played this game. However, those who played the game had only three options: This student, this other student, and this another student. So they had to see which one they married, had sex with, and which one they would kill.

This is even worse than before…


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