Parents pulling children out of Catechism


I would like to ask if any parents whom you know pulled their children out of Catechism class? Why did they do so? And what was the result (short-term and Long-term)?

My parents pulled me out of Catechism when I was 9. Up till today I still don’t know why.
Short-term results: I got to grow in faith and love under their guidance as they brought me to a lot of Catholic events and read the Bible and prayed the Rosary every day.
Long-term: While I’d built a strong foundation of my Catholic faith, my family stopped reading the Bible (read my previous thread!) and going for Catholic events. Also, I lost my base of Catholic friends.

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My parents pulled us out of the church a year after my FHC, my sister was only ever baptized but my brother was confirmed. Why? The changes brought on after Vatican 2 were unsettling to them and the rest of the family. Short-term result, it was really hell not being able to go to church. But the yearning stayed alive. Long-term, having searched for what I lost and never found again I was finally able to forgive my parents because I understood their reasons for protecting their children. I would have done the same.

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It’s really important to be in a good Catechism class. I know some people that shortly after quitting class, they stopped coming to Church.

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