Parents share incredibly moving film about having a transgender son and why they decided to let him change gender and become a boy at age five


When Jeff and Hillary Whittington, of San Diego, got the news in 2007 that they were having a daughter, the couple had no idea that in a few years’ time they will be raising a son instead.

Last Thursday, the family were honored at the 6th annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, accepting the Inspiration Award after presenting a stirring video showing their daughter Ryland’s female-to-male transition.

The six-year-old dressed in a smart suit and tie, his hair cut short, stood next to a podium and read his prepared remarks from a sheet of paper, declaring to the audience: ‘My name is Ryland Whittington. I am transgender kid.’


Instead of helping the child deal with her gender confusion, they encouraged it. Very sad.


Poor kid! :stuck_out_tongue: :gopray: :shrug:


Child abuse of the worse sort. CPC should get involved


And these sorts of people tell us to let them choose what their religion should be when they get to be adults. :shrug::rolleyes:


This poor child was confused. She was having disordered thoughts in her mind about her gender. It is normal for children to be confused. The sad thing is that they encouraged her and condoned her belief that she was actually a boy when in reality she is a girl. This should never be done. Any child who has such confusion needs to seek counseling from a Christian therapist who can help them to come to terms with their sex and be at peace with who God created them to be. I don’t trust secular therapists in this area because they seem to be increasingly pushed by politically correct crowds into endorsing transgenderism.


It was noted in the video,medical professionals,strongly encouraged the parents to allow this little girl to transition sooner rather then later.I suppose the next will be hormone therapy in preparation for gender reassignment surgery…:frowning:
This is sad and disturbing on so many levels.


That’s the funny part. (Well, not “funny”, but “funny” as in “What a complete brain fart on your side.”)


Sad and disturbing. Parents, not children, need to be watchful now. The planned confusion that is being forced into public schools? We asked for this? What is their evidence?

More social engineering to turn people, even kids, into confused or multiply sexual persons. Pray for them.

You’ll be seeing more and more posts like this.




I saw this, this morning, and like always, the same thought went through my head, “There are people on this earth who have to live in poverty, with diseases like cancer and AIDS and HIV - often through no fault of their own (if they were born with it); and people who are “transgender” think that their life is unbearable because they’re in the “wrong body”.” Unbearable is giving birth to a baby who develops leukemia and is too young to understand what’s going to happen to them, unbearable is not knowing where your next meal is coming from for your family. Unbearable is not, IMHO, having to stand/sit in the bathroom instead of the one you think you prefer. Sometimes, and I might be wrong with this, but I think these people need to evaluate what is actually wrong in their lives, probably not that much. They probably have food in their stomachs, clean water to drink, a roof over their heads and probably a disease-free life. I just get so bewildered; we all, ALL, have physical problems that we wish we could change, but we don’t because we’re grateful for what we DO have. A bit of confusion is part of growing up - it’s how we discover and affirm who we are and what we’re here for. It should not be encouraged and focused on when there’s so much else that could have gone wrong in someone’s life.

Rant over.


I have to jump in here. I think it’s pretty well established that gender dysphoria is a real thing. Mental disorders such as depression can cause intense unbearable suffering even though the person has nothing “wrong” in their lives - I don’t see why the same shouldn’t be applied here. We should see gender dysphoria as a real thing that causes people to suffer and have compassion on those with it.


I’m not saying it isn’t real, I’m saying that some perspective wouldn’t go amiss. My Nana, wisest lady I’ve ever known, used to say “there’s always someone worse off than you” and it’s true. If people looked outside themselves, they’d probably have an easier time of realising that biology isn’t permanent, the soul is, and how you treat what God gave you and the challenges He puts in front of you, is probably the best way to go about dealing with anything.


I have seen this reposted on FB about 10 times, and each time every single comment is GLOWING for these “strong, loving parents.”

This is what the vast majority of America thinks is healthy. They think it’s sweet that the parents went with the child’s demands to be the opposite sex.

Are they crazy, or are we stodgy, cruel and intolerant?


I don’t think we’re intolerant, I think we see the bigger picture and the wider issues ok the world and our focus is on the areas and people who are struggling to survive; I think that so many don’t look to communities any more, local or global, that issues like this become all-consuming. It’s sad.


How incredibly ignorant and uncaring this post is. I am appalled.


That may be the case, but…well, as someone with depression I’ve heard thousands of times, there’s someone worse off, you should count your blessings, so on and so forth. Guess how much it actually helped? Not a bit - if anything it made things worse because it made me feel guilty for being so depressed when I didn’t have anything wrong.

Gender dysphoria has a higher suicide rate than major depression. I suspect telling people with it to get some perspective will have the exact same effects as telling a person with major depression the same thing. I think if we as Catholics want to handle this we need to approach it with sympathy and compassion as something that really causes suffering and not approach it in ways that sound dismissive - like saying well there are people who are worse off. That’s just going to turn people away.


This ignorant card … This tends to confuse me.


I think these children/adults deal with a little more mental anguish than having to stand in a bathroom they don’t “prefer”.

Understatement of the year.



When I was 5, I believed I was an alien from Pluto. Should I have been given crystallized methane to eat?

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