Parents Suing School Because A Staff Member Helped their Daughter Get Birth Control Pills Without Their OK

Saw this in USA Today…

In NY minors do not need parental consent to seek birth control from a health clinic on their own, but schools must obtain parental consent to provide health services or treatment.

In Colorado, a millionaire/billionaire donated 23 million and along with the state Department of Health implanted teens with IUD;s. This has been going on 5 years and is still going on but where is the outrage that parental consent is not needed to do this program. Who is this anonymous donor?

From the BBC article:

:rotfl: I’m sorry but that has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Surely they could have found a better spokesperson. The article does seem quite biased in general.

Ridiculous. Schools spending time on taking a kid off campus to get birth control without the parent’s consent.
How they are duly punished by the lawsuit.

Good. I hope they sue them into oblivion.

Since some kids are going to find guns attractive, even without parental consent, the schools should confidentially provide troubled teens with silencers to limit the damage to their hearing.

Same logic, different constituency.

I am guessing its someone who advocates for birth control and population control - perhaps someone e.g. Bill Gates or Warren Buffett (and they don’t have to be FROM colorado they could give anonymously from anywhere).

Maybe parents need to be PARENTS and not “besties” and then maybe sometimes teens won’t experiment with sex. Monitor activity on computer. Don’t give teens cell phones.

I strongly believe that health care should be in the hands of parents only. Minors should not be able to get their hands on this stuff without parental consent, but it is now allowed in many schools. It is all done in the name of “safe sex.” Heaven forbid that our schools should teach that sex is something that is sacred and belongs within the context of marriage.

This is why it is so important that parents teach their children strong values before they ever enter school. The educational system has always been a “socialization tool” put in place not just to teach, but to form minds and ways of thinking. It is worse than ever and really started going down the tubes when I was still in school in the late 70’s.

If I had children now I would not even consider letting my kids enter a public school. If I had no choice due to work and low income, I guess I would have too, but they would not enter until the first or second grade. Until then I would educate them at home to instill sound Christian values. I would teach them how to defend their faith and work with them on a daily basis on these issues.

I think it is time that Christian families start forming their own educational systems or network and help each other teach their kids these values and the basics of a regular education. With the internet, varied parental skills and background I do believe most kids would be far ahead of the crowd.

The more schools mess with issues that should have nothing to do with them, such as birth control, the further and further we fall behind other nations in academics. We spend way too much time on issues non related to acadmics.


Or better yet, take an active part in forming the culture and mission of their local school districts by being an active party at school board meetings or even running for the elected school board. A lot of people are suprised to find out that 99% of school districts aren’t run by some ambiguous entity call “thuh guvment”, but by an elected board of local citizens. Make sure these citizens are competent and have the student’s best interest at heart and you have a good chance of keeping the state’s management of your school to a minimum.

I really hope they win, but worry they won’t.

I think so too but why not give the name. This is not acceptable. When you “donate” 23 millions so that teen girls can be implanted with IUD without parental consent, and I believe many were without consent then the person and government agencies need to be name. They did name the Department of Health and Human services(our tax dollars), now we need the name of the donor.

There should be outrage that this is happening in America - a five year program to implant all Colorado teens with IUDs free of charge. Disgusting!

I’m mainly bothered by the fact they took the kids off campus without the parents knowing. What if there had been an accident or something? You should be able to drop your kids off at school and know that they will stay there.

Suppose your daughter had a blood clot or perforated uterus from an IUD and you had no idea you was even given these devices or taking pills.

I really hope this case makes it to the courts as I would like to know where do parental rights begin and end.

Oh dear God…more evidence of the slide into oblivion of out society.

Hope the parents succeed in their lawsuit.:thumbsup:

Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen. :thumbsup:

That’s true too; you may not be able to give the doctors the vital information they need. I suppose they could look in the medical records but that would still cause an unaffordable delay.

Enyart says offering IUDs and other devices sends the message that teenagers can “have all the sex you want”. He believes it has led to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and is immoral.

Duh! And where is the obligation parents should feel to morally instruct their children. And if they get aids, would it be considered some sort of child abuse had their kids not been properly warned of the harm? What complications we never dreamed of a few years ago.

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