Parents Who Aren't Married--Children Better Off with Married Parents, Studies Show (a Report)




From the article in the original ost:

Using nationally representative data, the original 1994 study established that children living with married biological parents enjoyed significant advantages in academic performance and socio-emotional development over children living with stepparents, cohabiting parents, divorced single mothers, and never-married single mothers. - See more at:

Game, set, match.



So…like what’s the point of constantly posting this stuff? To pat yourself on the back? To put unmarried families down and make yourself feel better? I was raised by happily married parents, and yeah it was nice, but I’m not about to go talking about how much better it was than other experiences. My best friend would be a lot better off if her mother had separated from her ridiculous dad. I also know people in stable unmarried relationships who make great parents. People live their lives differently than you do–sometimes by choice, other times not.

Also, you can find tons of studies about homosexual couples making great parents (and you can hear the testimonies from their kids), but those studies are picked apart on here. You find a study that preaches to the CAF choir. Cool, it’s done constantly. What’s the interest? I’m genuinely curious. This forum is obsessed with how other people run their family unit.


The study just makes the point that God’s way, the original way is still the **best **way despite what the media and society wants people to think. People today are made to feel like it doesn’t matter or doesn’t make a difference but it does and this study just shows that, that’s all. No need to get so defensive. I know a lot of people who live differently from how God planned don’t like to hear this, but the truth is still the truth no matter how society changes and tries to convince people that broken and blended families don’t matter but it does make a difference even still today. It’s not to put anyone down just pointing out a truth. God’s way is still the best way. :thumbsup:


Who is it who cohabitate rather than marry in America, these days. Is it mainly the rich, the poor, or the inbetweens?

My guess is that it’s the poor who don’t marry - not in every case, of course, but as a general pattern. That parents who are better well off financially gives their kids better opportunitues regarding schooling etc. is hardly surprising. So before drawing any kind of conclusion we have to ask ourselves how the study controls for differences between the groups.


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