I am in RCIA, and have been since october, but the problem is I still haven’t told me parents. I got to college an hour away from my house and I come home every weekend. My mother is a lapsedish Catholic and my father would best be described as an atheist. I was raised as nothing. I don’t forsee them having any problem with it but, I still can’t figure out how to tell them. Does anyone have any sugestions of how to tell them?

Just tell them.

Hello sasafr,

welcome (almost) home!

I’m a child of life-long agnostic (though baptized) parents and a convert of two years now. I told them when we were sitting in a restaurant, after having been to a classical concert together. (They weren’t exactly in extasy at the thought, but they soon accepted it…)

You may try any situation when your parents are calm and in good humor.

Good luck and God bless with your journey!

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