Paris attacks and Brussels raids prompt Belgium's Jews to consider new exodus

Paris attacks and Brussels raids prompt Belgium’s Jews to consider new exodus

*It pains Betty Dan to contemplate leaving Brussels, not least because she owes her life to a Belgian Catholic family who heroically sheltered her parents during the Nazi occupation.

But a fortnight after a Brussels-based jihadist cell committed the Paris atrocities, and 18 months after four people were murdered by a terrorist in the city’s Jewish museum, she doubts whether the self-styled capital of Europe is safe for Jews…*

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Thanks to the mass immigration of millions of Muslims into Europe, Jews will not have a safe place in the Old Continent for much longer. Israel is their salvation. I pray for the Jews- bad times are approaching for Jews in Europe.

I wonder are they allowed to migrate to Israel? Very sad state of affairs to no longer feel safe in your own home and country based on your faith alone.

Please bear in mind that backlash towards peaceful muslims living and working in some countries including here in Australia has also increased.

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