Paris bans open-air “sausage & wine party” over Muslim concerns


Paris bans open-air “sausage & wine party” over Muslim concerns

A giant “sausage and wine” party planned later this week in a Paris neighbourhood with many Muslim residents risks sparking disturbances and will therefore be banned, police in the French capital announced on Tuesday.The event, announced on the social networking site Facebook late last month (see page here in French), had drawn growing criticism from politicians and civic groups in recent days as its page containing barely disguised anti-Muslim slogans attracted over 7,000 members.

The event, called an “apéro géant” (giant cocktail party), was due on Friday. The main organiser, Sylvie François, wrote that she wanted the event to be “a joyous protest” against the closing down of roads in the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood every Friday by Muslims praying in the street outside the overcrowded mosque there. The Facebook page also appeared to signal the party’s thrust with appeals to “native Parisians” and complaints about “the resolute foes of our local wines and pork products.”

I was ready to take the pro-pork side but the event does seem to have been planned more as a provocation than as a party.

Why do you see it as a provocation? I think the French are finally beginning to get fed up with the Muslim attempts to Islamize their country.


Yeah, the “sausage and wine party” is obviously a provocation, but why are Muslims allowed to close the roads every Friday for their prayers? Isn’t there some ordinance agains that? (I don’t know anything about French laws, btw, but it seems that shutting down roads every week would be illegal w/out a permit or something).

In Christ,


I have to agree with you too. I read the whole article and it seems like the even was designed to provoke. They may have a legitimate complaint about roads being closed down on Friday, but there has to be another way to solve that problem.


Islam has declared a jihad against any and every other form of faith. They wil not rest until they have subdued the entire world in any and every way they can and forced their religion down the throats of all or killed them for non compliance.
Of course, we know this total compliance can never happen because Jesus said “the gates of Hell will not prevail” against his Church.
Still, all need to oppose muslims at every opportunity. England is another country that has bent over backwards to accomodate these people but accomodation never ends because they are never satisfied.
Christ established His Church on earth and that Church is NOT islam. :mad:

Amen! Islam is a belligerent religion with plenty of belligerent followers who consistently prove that a society of Christians and Muslims living together is a pipe-dream.

An Islamic government would not ban anything on fears that something might offend Christians. Traitorous governments in emasculated, secularist Western nations bend over backwards to appease the bullies at the expense of the victims.

Nonsens. Dlaczego są zdrajcami? Francuzi robią to, co trzeba, aby uniknąć niepotrzebnego prowokacji.

Dlaczego pan pokaza orzeł polski? Jest pan Polak? :frowning:

I am Polish, though I have little skill with my mother tongue, having been born and raised in America. My father knows the language well but isn’t much of a teacher, so he never tried to teach me. Rosetta Stone to the rescue, I hope.

Why the :frowning: face?

To nie jest “zupełnie normalne impreza.”. Również, pan nie wie co słowo “zdrada” oznacza.

Why the :frowning: face?

Dlaczego :frowning: ? bo oczekuję więcej od kolegów Polaka niż wspólne uszczerbku.

No, it is a normal event. Christian European countries have things of this nature, sometimes often.

What is not normal is the belligerent followers of a belligerent alien religion being allowed to dictate what will happen in a country in which they clearly do not belong.

Clearly, I am not the one who does not understand what “treason” means.

I expect more from a fellow Pole than bleeding heart nonsense.

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