Paris Hilton got off too easy!

Y’all read this excerpt from a story in Yahoo! News:

"Shortly before noon, Hilton issued a statement through her attorney.

“I want to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and staff of the Century Regional Detention Center for treating me fairly and professionally,” she said. “I am going to serve the remaining 40 days of my sentence. I have learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes.”

Hilton’s path to jail began Sept. 7, when she failed a sobriety test after police saw her weaving down a street in her Mercedes-Benz on what she said was a late-night run to a hamburger stand.

She pleaded no contest to reckless driving and was sentenced to 36 months’ probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines.

In the months that followed she was stopped twice by officers who discovered her driving on a suspended license. The second stop landed her in Sauer’s courtroom, where he sentenced her to jail."

In other words, all she had to do was violate probation once, go to jail a few days, and then sit at home watching TV for 40 more. I think that if she’s not going to go back to jail like they’re talking about doing, then after her house arrest is complete, she should be sentenced to the remainder of her probation time in community service and still take the alcohol classes. (I assume she has already paid the fine; God knows she has the money for that!) I think the best community service in this situation would be for S.A.D.D. or M.A.D.D. (Students / Mothers Against Drunk Driving.) If she really wants to put her money where her mouth is, then this is what I think she should do. (She said she wanted others to learn from her mistakes; here’s a way to do it.)

I just had to get that out, y’all!


Apparently she’s back in jail now.

“The sheriff has determined that because of her medical situation, this (jail) is a dangerous place for her.”

Dang, can they come up with something more original than this !

Somebody on tv just commented that maybe she had a recurring case of spoiled bratism. My faith in the system has been restored. And it is interesting to see how many Hollywood types, particularly lawyers, yelling that she is being treated unfairly.

Medical condition or not, I’m sure there are prisoners out there who are not so healthly but still have to serve their sentences.

If they’re Hilton’s lawyers, that explains it !

Poor baby. Back to jail you go, do not pass go, do not collect $200!! Welcome to the ***real ***Simple Life.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for her. She’s completely out of touch with the world the rest of us live in.

Feeling sorry, don’t worry about her. She’ll be just fine. The jail in America is luxurious compared to other countries. It’d do her some good !

Actually, I was being sarcastic. I’m tired of hearing about her…her 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

Actually, it is an acute case of “affluenza”! :smiley:

Seriously, I pray for this lost individual, she is famous for nothing more than being famous. Perhaps 45 days to think will be time enough to get her life back under control.


Well, let’s see–Paris Hilton gets 45 days for violating the conditions of her parole, Mary Winkler will serve 67 days for murdering her husband. Of course, that’s allowing for time served. Her actual sentence was 210 days.

The front page of CNN was Crying Hilton ordered to jail

Now I have to go to Confession because I laughed out loud when I read that.

Wow. I don’t think those doing hi-5’s over Hilton’s renewed sentence of 45 days in LA County Jail have given thought to how truly harsh and rough that will be. A week in jail would have taught her a needed hard lesson. But six weeks in lock-up is far too heavy a sentence and will proably leave scars.

I don’t think it will be that bad, Martha Stewart was in prison longer and she was fine. Paris Hilton will have some trouble because she was born rich, I don’t think she knows what work is and prison will give her some chores. I think this gives her a chance to see life through different eyes, she didn’t really do that on the Simple Life.

I feel sorry for her. What an abnormal life she’s led.

The saddest part of all of this is that her mother needs to be in there with her. By her own words, she raised her two daughters to be famous. She has led with to believe that there are rules for the rest of us, but her two daughters are exempt. I feel sorry for her, but not enough to think she should be out of jail.

Is there Charity anywhere?

Put it this way - if any NORMAL prisoner falls ill, regardless of the type or cause of illness, they are sent to the prison medical facility and, if needed and under supervision, to a hospital. If and when they are sufficiently recovered, it’s straight back to prison for them. No passing go, no collecting $200 and no going back home.

The judge sentencing her anticipated such an obvious stunt and ORDERED, on pain of contempt of court, that Ms Hilton NOT be allowed back home. Them’s the rules, for rich and poor alike.

anyone find it weird that she made the sign of the cross and prayed during the hearing today?
just leads me to my conclusion: it was Gods will.
God bless her and her snobby ways.

Yes, she is a disadvantaged person because she was deprived of her poverty while growing up. Teresa Bloomindale once wrote that parents, no matter how affluent, should never deprive their children of their poverty in their youth.

Of course, it’s a matter of degree. Many middle class children today are also deprived of their poverty, and to the extent that they are, they are disadvantaged.

Finally, it’s my understanding that her sentence was disproportionate–apparently because of her fame. An ordinary person in L.A. County would have received no jail time for the same crime.

I am not altogether that interested in Paris Hilton’s life…but, in watching the news today about her sobs, etc…she is no different than any of us…who would be in trouble…heading to prison. My heart goes out to her–she has led a priveleged life, and took it for granted. That was her real ‘crime,’ taking all her luxury for granted. I think as a society, we have a (grim) fascination with rich and famous people getting into trouble. :o

I think it some bizarre way…this may change her life for the good. Sometimes, we have to hit rock bottom …before we’re ready to seek Heaven.

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