Paris police arrest two after finding car filled with gas canisters near Notre Dame [CWN]

Police in Paris discovered seven gas canisters in a car parked outside Notre Dame cathedral, and arrested the car’s owner and another man.


Sad that they wanted to blow up a car and harm people, but how wonderful it is that they were discovered in time! We dodged a bullet to be sure.

Paris gas canisters suspect pledged loyalty to Islamic State, official says

                                       And today we've already had

Women arrested in Paris had planned ‘imminent’ attack on Gare de Lyon, say officials
Machete-wielding man attacks police officers in Serbia
‘Isis plot to attack UK’ smashed by anti-terror police

                                     Sounds like alot of bullets were just dodged, but how long will that last ?

Teen suspected of plotting ‘imminent’ attack on Paris, report says

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