Paris to Build Barrier Around Eiffel Tower to Counter Terrorism

Paris plans to build a barrier around the Eiffel Tower to limit the risk of terrorism.

The city is setting aside 20 million euros ($21.3 million) for the project and will evaluate proposals with consideration for their aesthetics.

The idea is to have a “permanent and aesthetic barrier,” said Jean-Francois Martins, a city official. “Sadly the risk of terrorism hasn’t gone away,” he said.

The Eiffel Tower receives roughly 7 million visitors a year.

The long war…

So walls are the answer! This is sad. Germany isn’t Germany. Sweden isn’t Sweden. France isn’t France. They want to do the same to America and are succeeding.

“All we are sayin’…is give walls a chance,”

Well, it looks like the world didnt learn its lesson from the past, seems like the ‘war on terrorism’ is all encompassing now and justifying all kinds of craziness. I wonder how long it will be before I must carry and show ‘my papers’ when out in public, just to prove I am who I claim to be and have good reason to be where I am? (joking, but not really?)

It’s really a shame that this would be deemed necessary, but it probably is.

One remembers that one of the things the Romans did when they conquered a city, was to tear down the walls around it. It was the practice in Roman Italy, too, to have unwalled cities.


The Romans’ explanation was that “our walls are the Roman army”. It took defense to the enemy before the enemy arrived. And it was true. Unfortunately, France has allowed so many of the enemies of France into the country that it now requires walls where it did not require them previously.

As the tower is surrounded by five and six level buildings on all sides, such a barrier, probably two bodylengths in height, would not noticeably impinge upon the visual aesthetics.

The real change is that presumably all access to the tower would be funnelled through checkpoints of the airport type. As if lines there weren’t long enough!

Welcome to the 21st century, mes amis.


Obviously, this is not Christian! They must build a bridge to the Eiffel Tower, not a wall!

In fact, I believe the new Vatican guidelines for Catholic Engineers prohibits the construction of new walls and replaces them with bridges instead.

(Yes, I am being sarcastic!)

They had to do the same thing at Stonehenge after Clark Griswold accidentally backed his car into one of the stones in 1984.

Don’t need to. They are already proven to work. Which is why we need to build one at least on the southern border.

I wouldn’t rule out one along the north, either.

Who said the end of the world would be pretty?



You really want to keep those Canadians out, eh?

Be careful what you wish for! Walls work both ways, and one day you may need to leave the USA and be unable. Which may be the hidden plan.


I agree. We definitely need walls sometimes, but a massive border wall around the country is not something I’d go for!

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