Paris tourism hit by militant attacks, strikes and floods


"It’s due to the terror attacks - the November attacks, but definitely the Nice attack in July. People stopped coming after that.

  • A 46.2% decline in Japanese visitors compared with the same period in 2015
  • A 35% decline in Russian visitors
  • A 19.6% decline in Chinese visitors
  • A **5.7%** decline in visitors from the US
  • [LIST]
    So Americans are either the bravest or least aware of what goes on in foreign countries.


    It might have more to do with the huge physical distance and therefore expense to make a transatlantic journey. Having put aside money for in some cases, years, to make such a voyage, our people are less likely to give it up for a terror scare. Not when we have lived with nonstop terrorist warnings since 2001.

    You are still more likely to die falling out of bed than to be killed by terrorists.



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