Paris violence won't alter Church outreach to refugees, says head of US bishops? conference [CH-UK]

Church resettlement programmes in the United States will continue to aid refugees who are fleeing violence


When real refugees are brought here, yes the Church should help.

But the Obama needs to make sure they bring only real refugees and not ISIS members. Obama and the federal govt need to make sure they know who they are bringing into the country.

That isn’t possible in a refugee situation. There are no documents or records to check; ISIS only developed after the collapse of the Syrian government, after all.

We either help the stranded and the suffering, and accept the danger that comes with it, or we turn away the suffering and condemn them as possible terrorists. We might catch a few bad apples, but we must resign ourselves to danger if we are going to help.

That is the way of the Cross.

Peace and God bless!

This is so scary I don’t know what to say.

I didn’t say it was easy. But if we allow ISIS invaders into the country, we will eventually be fighting a war against our neighbors, not against a foreign land.

I don’t know what the right action is… but I know that Obama & the Democrats are so worried about being PC, that they don’t even realize the danger we are looking at.

I didn’t say it would be hard, I said it was impossible. There is no way to properly vet refugees from a country that hasn’t had a functioning government for years. What’s more, we don’t trust that government’s records, and ISIS didn’t exist when it was functional. There is no earthly way for any government to accept refugees and prevent more ISIS folks into the country. Stop obvious trouble, sure, but it’s not often that someone shows up at the border armed to the teeth with guns and suicide-vests.

ISIS is already here. It comes through every computer screen and news article. ISIS is not just an organization, it’s an idea and an ideology. It is much more dangerous and insidious than Al Qaeda ever was because it is an end-times cult with an army, and a belief that they can and will bring about the “New Age”. It’s much more like the death-cult Aum Shinrikyo, which did the Sarin attacks in Japan a couple of decades ago, except they have a wide audience and military power and success.

If we are going to be followers of Christ we can’t let the fear of ISIS (which is everywhere already anyway) prevent us from helping those who flee suffering. Whether it’s ISIS, plague, or fleas, contamination of some kind from refugees is a given. We can either accept that and find another way to fight the ideology that is ISIS, or we can shut down and draw battle-lines just as ISIS wants. They don’t need countries to take in refugees to get into them, it just happens to be one way that they can exploit.

Just because the Devil exploits kindness doesn’t mean we stop being kind.

Peace and God bless!

If it’s impossible, then we don’t let people in. I’m sorry. I agree 100% with Taylor Marshal (check out his blog)

should not the usa first offer assistance to the Syrian and other middle east Christians who are facing total elimination if they remain in the middle east.

do the American bishops know why there are so few middle eastern Christians being certified as refugees by the United nations? it is because the middle eastern Christians are afraid to enter the u.n. sponsored refugee camps because the muslims already in them represent a deadly threat to all Christians. since the u.n. makes up its refugee lists from those in the refugee camps, there are very few Christians on the lists being submitted by the u.n. to our federal government.

after ensuring that all Christian refugees gain admission to the usa, we should then prioritize by offering admission to widows with children and then to families with children. able bodied, single men and women should be our lowest priority.

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