Parish financial statements


Our parish has not issued a financial statement to the parishioners in 4 years. Awhile back, I was listening to Catholic Answers and it was mentioned that according to a Canon Code, as a donating parishioner, I can request one. What is the Canon Code #?


don’t know if it is canon law, but it may be that your parish does not distribute them to everyone to save costs, but has copies available in the parish office for the asking.


Book V of Canon Law pertains to “The Temporal Goods of the Church”, and Can. 1284, in particular, describes the duties of the administrators.

Can. 1287.2 states Administrators are to render accounts to the faithful concerning the goods they have given to the Church, in accordance with the norms to be laid down by particular law.

In my parish, a Summary of Income and Expenditure is done by issuing a bulletin that thanks everyone for their Stewardship, states the income for the period and the two prior periods, and gives the percentages of income spent on the major categories of expenditure. The parishioners are told that if they require more indepth information, they are welcome to come to the parish office during office hours and the information will be made available to them.

Just as a matter of interest, I am one of the volunteer internal auditors for the Archdiocese, and am in the process of auditing the third of the three parishes assigned to me. It is usual, I believe for some Parish Practices manual to be issued by the Bishop, which will contain the particular regulations regarding administering Parish and Diocese funds. This document, together with Canon Law, are what I consult to ensure the Finance Committees are operating properly.


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