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Sounds fair until all those good intentions don’t buy you any gas to get home. I like to eat and have a place to sleep and put gas in my gas tank, so a salary is kind of a nice thing.



It’s nice if someone offers their services for free; it’s something entirely different to expect them to do so. I can imagine a dynamic Catholic speaker going into some other line of work because he doesn’t get enough in free-will offerings to support himself and his family. That’s a case where everyone loses.

To the OP, once you decide on your purpose for the mission, you might check at a Catholic university, if there is one nearby, to see if they have a speakers bureau or could recommend any faculty speakers.


No, good intentions don’t buy anything, but faith - trust - is a powerful reality, often leading to many surprises. God always provides what is good - even up to and including a share in the rejection of the world, because of His name.


And it’s nice if a group of people (or a parish) offers a periodic contribution for room & board, in exchange for teaching for example - but it can be a beautiful gift to them, a surprise to them, to offer to give what is from God, for free.

What we have to give that is worthwhile, by the way, is from God and was given by Him at no cost. We might also have “education” for which we have paid - but what we can give from God, out of His blessings and graces given to us for free, that is most precious, and most valuable. That, from God, is holy and ought not ever be considered a commodity to trade on in the marketplace.

Money is the life-blood of the godless, secular world. All who are trapped in that world understand the place that money has in that world. To be free of concerns about money is shocking to men in the City of Man; to rely on God to provide is a very powerful witness to faith - more powerful than pretty words.


We have several catholic universities in PA. Another great thought. Thank you.

And, to the financial debate going on here, we are looking to pay whomever $2000 on top of paying for their travel expenses and having them stay at the Rectory. So, I’m not asking anyone to “work for free.” Just wanted to clarify.


So, it appears you are looking to book in only a Priest. That helps you narrow the selection :slight_smile:


No, lay persons can be welcomed in rectories: I have been, in several, and I’m a lay man. (maybe that depends on the priest/pastor, though). I have been told (and deeply saddened to hear) that some lay “presenters” insist on private motel rooms, though…


I just noticed you are in the northeast - what diocese? I may know some possibilities for you.


Try contacting the Redemptorists. They do great parish missions.


We are Harrisburg diocese, but on the border of Scranton.


A bit distant, but here are two priests in Connecticut I have confidence in (not in any particular order):

  1. Very Rev. Douglas L. Mosey, President-Rector, Holy Apostles College & Seminary,
    Cromwell, CT. –
  2. Fr. Tom Hoar, SSE, President St. Edmund’s Retreat,
    Mystic CT. –



Any updates on progress? :slight_smile:


I’m hoping to get Matt Fradd to my college for 2020 for my pro life/chastity club I run. He’s all booked for 2019


I’m hoping to meet with my pastor for a decision this week. I’m hoping for Chris Padgett. He’s close (NY) and only $2,500 and I know people who have heard him speak. They say he is absolutely wonderful, down to earth and very powerful. The other choices I’m presenting are Fr. John Murray (Redemptorists, MD), Rev. Pete Schavitz (Redemptorists, MO), and Fr. Leo (CA). Please keep us in your prayers and thank you all for all of the help!! I’ll let you know the verdict!


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